The Shistavanens, colloquially nicknamed “wolfmen” for their lupine appearance, were a biped species from the planets of the Uvena system, such as Uvena Prime and Uvena III. �


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Like most canine-based species, Shistavanens had pronounced muzzles, sharp claws, long pointed teeth, and pointed ears set on top of their heads. Shistavanens also possessed large glowing eyes, and could also run at high speed for long periods without getting tired, alternately using two or four legs. As expected for a species of hunters, they had a keen sense of hearing, keen sense of smell, and excellent night vision. Shistavanens were possessed of a healing ability which allowed them to recover from moderate wounds quickly, and larger wounds within a matter of days.

Common Shistavanen namesEdit

  • Shaalir Rech
  • Sirul Rosk

Culture and HistoryEdit

"Good, I'm ready for food, fresh food… wet food."

The Shistavanens originated on the planet Uvena Prime in the Uvena system. In addition to natural evolution, the Shistavanen species was shaped by unknown genetic engineers. � [1][2]Lak Sivrak, a Shistavanen scout.As a species, the Shistavanens were isolationists. This was evident by the species colonizing all the unpopulated worlds in the Uvena system to prevent them from being settled by non-Shistavanen settlers, their restrictive trade laws (which were unapologetic in how they favored their own kind over off-world traders), and from the fact that they did not mix with non-Shistavanens much. Most of their society used technology similar to the rest of the galaxy, though some parts of Uvena Prime used slightly less sophisticated technology.

A minority of Shistavanens were more outgoing, and traveled the galaxy's hyperlanes. Even these Shistavanens usually remained by themselves or with other Shistavanens. Due to their natural predatory instincts, keen sense of hearing, excellent eyesight and sharp sense of smell, Shistavanens found common employment as scouts, mercenaries and bounty hunters. Many non-Shistavanens reacted badly to Shistavanens, since their isolationist culture made them an unfamiliar sight, and their predatory appearance put many other species on edge.

During Emperor Palpatine's reign, despite the New Order's xenophobia towards non-Humans, Imperial agents regularly employed Shistavanen scouts to track down criminals, rebels and other persons of interest.