Rise of the Machines is the 1st film in this Sagas. Started in 2010


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Due to the events shown in Terminator 2, Judgment Day similar to it did not occur as originally predicted. Still not believing that it was completely prevented, John Connor is living "off the grid" in Los Angeles, California with no permanent residence, credit cards, or mobile phone and is working freelance so he can't be tracked. Skynet sends another Terminator, the T-X, back to July 24 2004, Judgment Day, to kill the human resistance's future lieutenants, because Connor could not be located through any information databases. The T-X, later dubbed the "Terminatrix", is armed with a full arsenal of advanced weapons from the future, avoiding the restriction of non-living tissue by carrying them internally, including the ability to remotely control most machines. The T-X, like the T-1000, has the ability to shift appearance, however, unlike the T-1000 the T-X merely has a sheath of Mimetic Polyalloy over its endoskeleton. The T-X has also been designed and programmed to destroy other cybernetic organisms, thus countering the threat of Terminators being reprogrammed by the Resistance.

As before, a reprogrammed Terminator, identical to the Terminators from the previous films, has been sent back in time to protect Connor and his future wife, Katherine 'Kate' Brewster. In a plot twist, this specific Terminator killed John Connor in 2032, before being reprogrammed and sent back in time by Connor's wife. After rescuing them from an initial attack, the Terminator leads them to the grave of Sarah Connor (who died of leukemia 7 years previous) in Victorville. However, they find the coffin filled with weapons(Sarah having been cremated in Mexico) which her friends placed in accordance with Sarah's will as a back-up for John to use in the event that Judgment Day was not prevented. The T-X and the police arrive, and the three narrowly escape in a hearse.

After the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems in T2, the US Air Force has taken over the Skynet project as part of its Cyber Research Systems division, headed by General Robert Brewster, Kate's father. In an attempt to stop the spread of a computer supervirus, they activate Skynet, allowing it to invade all of their systems: too late, they discover the virus is Skynet, which has been exerting its control over the global computer network under the guise of the virus. John, Kate, and the Terminator arrive just a few minutes too late to stop them. The T-X programs the T-1 terminators to kill office personnel and protect Skynet, which has become self-aware. Just before General Brewster dies, he tells them that the Skynet system core is in Crystal Peak, a base built into a mountain a short distance away by plane.

As they board a plane to leave, they are attacked by the Terminator, earlier injected with viral nanomachines by the T-X to control it. To avoid killing Connor, he shuts himself down. When they reach Crystal Peak, they are attacked once again by the T-X. Suddenly, a helicopter comes crashing through the front wall and into the T-X. The Terminator has managed to reboot himself and regain control. The T-X detaches its legs after they are crushed beneath the helicopter, quickly crawling after John and Kate. The Terminator manages to catch hold of the T-X, buying John and Kate enough time to get to safety: the Terminator remarks to John that "We will meet again!". With the pair safe, the Terminator shoves its last remaining hydrogen fuel cell down the T-X's throat with a snide remark of "You are terminated!", destroying both of them in the resulting explosion.

John and Kate discover that the base does not house the Skynet core; it is a fallout shelter for VIPs. General Brewster sent them there to protect them. There is no Skynet core; Skynet is software running on thousands of computers throughout the world making Judgment Day unavoidable. Skynet begins a series of nuclear attacks across the world, commencing Judgment Day and starting the war of man versus machine. Foreshadowing Connor's future leadership role, when the confused military forces and ham radio operators ask for orders, he picks up the radio and takes command, giving orders to the confused survivors.

Rise of the Machines begins a trilogy of novels written by S.M. Stirling. Though they stem from the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, they appear to have no connection with the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV series or Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. The story continues in T2: Rising Storm and T2: The Future War.

In the first novel, John & Sarah, while living in Paraguay, encounter a former agent named Dieter von Rossbach, whose physical appearance would become the basis for the T-800 terminator seen in the first two films.

Ultimately, John, Sarah and Dieter find themselves forced into a conflict with the newest version of a Terminator, the I-950 Infiltrator Serena Burns. This unit, sent by Skynet from the future, has taken over as the head of security for Cyberdyne, now operating under the control of the U.S. Government.

Rise of the Machines is the film in the Cube Vice series Were the Great Civil War & The Machine Wars Started in 2010. The film follows Joshua woods and the Bronx OutLawz go upagainst Ultranet after Judgment Day instead of the formula from previous films, such as the formula of the series, such as Trey Batiste as the 2nd leader of the gang against the banditz to the present to protect or kill someone of future importance to the galaxy.


In 2003, a death row inmate named Marcus Wright at the Longview Correctional Facility in Texas meets with representative Dr. Serena Kogan from Cyberdyne Systems Genetics Division to donate his organs and tissue for what she believes will be a noble cause (the future of humanity). He agrees to do so in exchange for a kiss. Afterward, he is put to death by lethal injection. The last image he sees is Dr. Kogen standing over him.

In 2018, John Connor participates in a major Resistance assault a Skynet VLA network in order to obtain classified data vital to the machines and rescue the prisoners there. Connor would leave after having infiltrated the base to try to rescue several prisoners being taken by a Skynet transport. However, he discovers the blueprints for a new enemy to the Resistance — the T-800 Terminator, which should be produced in the year 2026. This would be his salvation as the base explodes moments after he leaves due to a Skynet booby trap.

John is be picked up a short time afterward and requests to be taken to Resistance Headquarters. He is denied an audience with the Resistance leaders, but jumps out of the chopper and swims down to the Resistance Headquarters — which is located on a submarine. After his arrival, he is denied entry, but forces his way in. While there, he meets with General Ashdown and tells him what he'd found and that Skynet was more advanced than it should be. The leaders are unhappy with him but tell him they have discovered a hidden frequency that could potentially shut down Skynet for good. John volunteers to test the signal on progressively more advanced machines. The Resistance has also intercepted a transmission from Skynet: a kill list warning that all the Resistance leaders will be dead in four days. John himself is second on the list, with Kyle Reese as their Number One target.

In the meantime, Marcus wakes up 15 years after his execution, dazed and confused at his surroundings. After taking clothes from a dead Resistance fighter, Marcus makes his way through the desert and into Los Angeles, only to discover the city is in the ruins, and the only human survivors there are a young Kyle Reese and his young, silent companion, Star. After rescuing Marcus from the onslaught of a T-600, Kyle explains how the Judgment Day happened as he knows it and that he is working to become a full-fledged Resistance member. So far, though, Kyle and Star haven't had much luck finding others to join their branch. Marcus, determined to help, fixes an old shortwave radio, which, by chance picks up a broadcast from John Connor, whose daily broadcasts are secretly focused on finding Kyle, his future father, as well as giving hope and providing advice on how to fight Skynet's forces to the Resistance and human survivors around the world.

As Marcus and Kyle leave the city behind to meet John Connor, they encounter a 7-11, housing humans who, instead of actively sabotaging Skynet activity, "keep their heads down" to avoid attracting the attention of the machines. They deny gasoline at first, but an old woman , apparently the leader, asks them to stay, offering something to eat. During this, the 7-11 suddenly comes under attack by a Harvester, taking several prisoners. Though the three try to escape, Kyle and Star are still captured eventually. Marcus attempts to follow, but is knocked off by the Harvester on the Transport.

Meanwhile, Connor and his lieutenants, including his right-hand man, Barnes, and his second-in-command and wife, Kate Connor have never heard of Skynet taking human prisoners, and he is determined to discover the reason. They pick up machine activity in the Los Angeles Basin and dispatch two A-10 Warthogs to intercept the Hunter-Killers trying to escape the area. However, two attackers were shot down by the machines. Blair Williams, one of the pilots, successfully ejected and later rescued by Marcus, while the interception fails and Connor is ordered to follow through with a Skynet infiltration attack.

[1][2]John Connor and Marcus WrightBlair and Marcus bond over a two-night trip back to her base, in which, after detonating a magnetized mine, Marcus is revealed to be of a machine. His brain and heart are the only organs left, thought to be the prototype for infiltration Terminators like the T-800.

Blair, unable to accept that Marcus is part of Skynet, releases him after which the Resistance chases them down, with Blair being captured to allow Marcus to escape. Connor chases after him in a Blackhawk, but suddenly gets brought down into a river by Hydrobots. Before Connor is killed by a swarm of Hydrobots, Marcus saves him. Connor makes a deal, and with his permission, allows him to enter the heart of Skynet Central, in exchange to get Connor into the base, so he can free Kyle. Marcus makes his way to Skynet and shuts down the turrets guarding a huge wall, and Connor is able to enter the facility.

While Marcus is deactivating the security, his machine circuitry syncs with the Skynet mainframe and causes him to black out. When he comes to, he is completely repaired, and Skynet, taking on the appearance of Dr. Serena Kogan, reveals his true purpose. Skynet tells him that he is only a Trojan horse of sorts, whose intent was to identify Connor and Reese and lure them into Skynet, where they could be killed. With his mission fulfilled, Skynet expects him to accept he is now a machine and will continue fighting alongside the machines. Choosing to be a human, Marcus rips out his main chip and helps Connor locate Kyle. Skynet warns that fighting is useless and that he cannot save John and Kyle. Marcus snarls "Watch me!" before smashing Skynet's monitor, escaping the chamber.

Meanwhile, General Ashdown and the other Resistance leaders discover that the signal they had implemented to destroy Skynet was really a location beacon. An HK-Aerial tracks the sub in which they are in and drops a depth charge, destroying it.

While John is searching for Kyle Reese at Skynet Central, he discovers a T-RIP with the mission to kill John Connor and Kyle Reese above all — and chases them throughout the Terminator Factory beneath the complex. Kyle is captured by a T-600 but escapes by jamming a rod into the Terminator's motor cortex before it can kill him. As the T-RIP enters the room in pursuit of John and Kyle, it easily destroys the damaged T-600 blocking its path. John fires several "Hellhound" 40mm grenades at the T-RIP, slowing its pursuit and burning off its flesh covering. They escape by blowing a hole in a nearby wall.

The T-RIP catches up with John and a fight ensues but their battle is interrupted when Marcus intervenes, allowing John to get Kyle to safety. The T-RIP battles Marcus in single combat with neither gaining a distinct advantage. However, Marcus is defeated by the T-RIP, who discovers that his human heart is vulnerable and delivers a devastating blow to his chest. Marcus collapses and the T-RIP resumes its chase of Connor. John fires a grenade at a vat of molten metal, which pours out over the T-RIP. Because the molten metal can't stop the machine, John then fires at a coolant line with his pistol, which freezes the T-RIP solid.

John then tries to revive Marcus with a few solid thumps to his chest. When this fails, he rips away electrical conduits and shocks Marcus for several time to bring him back to life. However, this gives the T-RIP time to breaks free and, while he is distracted, impales John through the chest with a steel bar. Marcus, breaking the steel bar and ramming it though the neck of the terminator and decapitating it with ease. He carries John to a waiting helicopter, where Kate and Barnes having assembled an evac force for the human survivors. Then Star offers Connor the detonation controller.

Once they are airlifted from the blast site, Connor detonates the detonating cord that he had previously wrapped around several nuclear fuel cells in the Terminator Factory and destroys the Skynet Central before falling unconscious, due to the mortal wound to his heart from the T-RIP. In a base camp, Marcus resolves to give up his heart to save John. He explains to Blair and Kyle that everyone deserves a second chance on life, including Connor, and willingly undergoes a heart transplant.

When Connor wakes up, he is on a helicopter flying towards the horizon along with a fleet of Bell UH-1 "Huey" Helicopters.

The film ends with John quoting his mother, saying, "There is no fate but what we make". He warns the Resistance and other survivors across the world that while they have won this battle, the war is by no means over: Skynet's forces still remain strong, and humanity has a long way to go before it achieves ultimate victory over the machines.


In the beginningEdit

It began eons ago, on the planet Maltus. There, the Maltusians, the oldest sentient race in existence, developed into a race of thinkers, eventually relocating to Oa, at the center of the Universe. In time, the Maltusians discovered the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum, harnessing the green light of willpower, and making the Central Power Battery. But one of the Maltusians, Krona, performed a forbidden experiment where he tried to witness the dawn of time. His device was struck by a blast of energy which caused the infant universe to begin multiplying into an infinite number of universes, a multiverse. However, Krona also caused the creation of the Antimatter Universe, and with it the Monitor, born on the moon of Oa, and the Anti-Monitor, born on the moon of Qward. After banishing Krona, the Maltusians decided to bring order to the universe and combat evil as penance for their sin of inaction. However, the Maltusians soon encountered a demonic parasite named Parallax, the sentient embodiment of fear. Unable to destroy Parallax, the Maltusians sealed him in the in a box which they then hid on Maltus. They decided that they would have to suppress emotions to avoid allowing them to cloud their judgment, but a group of females called Zamarons declared that "life without love is blasphemy". Unable to reconcile their differences, and since they were immortal at this point, the males and females split. The male Maltusians became the Oans, dedicated to combating evil. At first, the Oans developed a race of robots known as the Manhunters, who would be free of emotions which would cloud their judgment. For a time, they performed well in their duties.

Then came the day when the Oans encountered the orange light of avarice, contained in an Orange Lantern, hidden in an underground temple on Okaara. A group of thieves managed to steal a map to the Lantern made by Krona, at the same time stealing Parallax's box. Unwilling to allow the Orange light to be unleashed, a group of Oans took a force of Manhunters to Okaara to capture the thieves. Unfortunately, the three survivors had managed to find the Lantern and had become infected with the orange light, fighting each other for it. Several Oans were killed trying to defeat the three, but only one of them was killed, and by the other two. Finally, the Oans explained that all they wanted was the box. If they gave them the box, they would be allowed to keep the Lantern and the Oans and their agents would stay out of the Vega system. However, there could be only one wielder of the orange light, and he could never leave the temple. The eventual victor was Larfleeze of Ogaato, who became known as Agent Orange. Any who entered his palace were killed, with their identities stolen and turned into orange construct avatars, to serve Larfleeze as his Orange Lanterns. Parallax's box was returned to Oa, where he was sealed in the more secure Central Power Battery.

Although the Oans believed that the Mahnuters lack of emotions made them effective peacekeepers, this also made them flawed, as they also couldn't understand motivations, seeing only legal and illegal instead of good and evil. Finally, the breaking point came when the Manhunters suffered a simultaneous glitch: the only way to maintain order is to exterminate all organic life. The Manhunters descended on Sector 666, killing all lifeforms they encountered. Although the Oans were able to stop the Manhunters before they spread to another sector, the damage was done: all but five beings survived the Massacre of Sector 666. Afterward, a debate begin among the Oans. It was clear that a sentient force would be needed to patrol the universe, but one faction believed that evil should be destroyed outright, while another believed that evil should merely be stopped. The more aggressive faction left Oa, becoming the Controllers, who developed the Darkstars and the Sun-Eaters. The Oans who remained became the Guardians of the Universe. After a short lived force known as the Halla, the Guardians formed the Green Lantern Corps, a force which would use power rings fueled with the green light of will, charged by Power Batteries connected to the Central Power Battery. However, Parallax's presence in the battery caused a Yellow Impurity, where the rings were unable to affect anything yellow.

But the Guardians still had another threat. The five survivors, driven by a rage over the losses they had suffered and destruction they had witnessed, formed a sect known as the Five Inversions, dedicated to destroying the Guardians for unleashing the Manhunters. The Five Inversions formed a domain known as the Empire of Tears, which spanned three galaxies. Using blood rituals, the Five Inversions discovered the Blackest Night, where by seven Lantern Corps, each harnessing the power of the Emotional Spectrum, would go to war in a conflict known as the War of Light, which would herald the coming of the agents of the Black, the antithesis of the Emotional Spectrum, a power which the Five Inversions sought to harness for themselves. The Guardians dealt with the demons themselves, imprisoning the Five Inversions and interdicting their capital of Ysmault. The Guardians also removed the history of the Massacre, Parallax, and Agent Orange from the Book of Oa, never allowing the Green Lanterns to discover their failures

The prophecies of the Five InversionsEdit

During an attempt to rescue the survivors of an Ungaran ship that crashed on Ysmault, Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, was forced to violate the ban which forbade Green Lanterns from entering Ysmault. When he entered the planet, he came into contact with the demons, who tempted him with knowledge and power, but Abin dismissed their offers. Finally, Abin came across the Five Inversions. Qull of the Five Inversions offered to answer whatever three questions he wished to know. Abin asked of the survivors, and Qull revealed that the only survivor was a young girl, not far from the Five Inversions' crucifixes. After rescuing the girl, Abin inquired on his fate, which said that he would die when his Green Lantern Ring failed him at a critical moment. Abin then asked the final fate of the Green Lantern Corps. Qull revealed to him the Cosmic Revelations, where the Empire of Tears would unite with the Qwardians, the Children of the White Lobe, and Ranx the Sentient City to destroy the Green Lanterns. The Daxamite Sodam Yat would struggle valiantly, but fall to the Lobespawn. Finally, Mogo would be destroyed when Ranx exploded a Blink bomb in his core. Abin rejected their tales as lies and left. Qull, however, knew that his prophecies had instilled Abin Sur with fear, and the Demons of Ysmault laughed for nineteen weeks straight.

Eventually, Abin Sur began making more trips to Ysmault, using a ship to conserve ring energy, to learn more about the threat facing the Green Lanterns. It was there that Qull finally revealed to Abin Sur the Blackest Night. Realizing that Qull had revealed to much, Atrocitus, Master of the Five Inversions, ordered Qull to speak no more. Horrified, Abin Sur returned to Oa, where he told others of the Blackest Night. His friends Sinestro and Tomar-Re dismissed the prophecies as the lies of demons, and the Guardians ordered Abin Sur to speak no more of the Blackest Night. However, the Guardians seemed to take the Five Inversions' prophecies seriously, and placed the prophecy in the Book of Oa, preventing the Green Lanterns from accessing "Cosmic Revelations"

The EarthmenEdit

In the years to come, Abin Sur would meet his fate: transporting Atrocitus to Earth to locate the source of the Black, Abin Sur was mortally wounded when Atrocitus escaped his confines. Crashing his ship in the desert outside Coast City, his ring selected Hal Jordan as his replacement. Hal would be mentored under Sinestro, who helped him defeat Hector Hammond, a scientist who gained telepathic and telekinetic abilities when he was exposed to a radioactive meteorite in Abin Sur's ship. Sinestro and Hal would soon reimprison Atrocitus, as he was attempting to kill young William Hand, the future criminal known as Black Hand and foretold source of the Black. But Hal, with the help of Katma Tui, would later expose Sinestro's order on Korugar as instilling fear into the Korugarans. Sinestro would be expelled from the Corps and banished to Qward, and Katma was selected to be the new Green Lantern of Sector 1417. In Qward, Sinestro met the Anti-Monitor and formed a Qwardian Power Ring, which used yellow energy, actually the yellow light of fear of the emotional spectrum. As time went on, two other Earthmen were recruited into the Corps, John Stewart and Guy Gardner. John and Katma would grow close, and eventually marry. But Hal would not know much peace. His lover, Carol Ferris, was selected to be the bearer of the Star Sapphire Gem, a parasitic crystal which contained the violet light of love, cultivated by the Zamarons, who left Oa eons ago over the Guardians decision to supress emotions. The gem took over Carol and caused several psychological problems for her, culminating in the murder of Katma Tui. Carol's relationship with Hal was never the same.

In time, the Anti-Monitor would eventually try to consume the multiverse, but the Green Lanterns, along with the heroes of Earth, destroyed him in an event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Sinestro was captured and placed within the Central Power Battery. Within the Battery, Sinestro would awaken Parallax, the yellow impurity in the Central Power Battery, and directed him toward Hal. When the Cyborg Superman and Mongul I destroyed Coast City in an attempt to tarnish the legacy of Hal's late comrade Superman, Parallax finally gained a real foothold in Jordan. It guided Hal to destroy the Green Lantern Corps, fighting his fellow Green Lanterns along the way, includng his former trainer Kilowog and an energy replica of Sinestro. Finally, Jordan absorbed the energy in the Battery, kill all the Guardians save Ganthet, and free Parallax, who suppressed Ganthet's memories of him. Seeking someone to keep the green flame burning, Ganthet selected Kyle Rayner to became the last Green Lantern. His intial acquiring of the ring brought Kyle some grief, as his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt, was murdered by Major Force, sent by a rogue government agency to steal the ring. Hal would later be able to briefly overcome Parallax and die restoring the sun, becoming the host of the Spectre. After absorbing the remaining Green energy in the sun, coupled with a temporary merging with Ion, Kyle recharged the battery and restored the Guardiansm and Kilowog to life. �


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Soon afterward, Kyle learned the truth about Parallax, and Ganthet sent Kyle to reclaim his body while he moved to separate Parallax from Hal. At the same time, Parallax was gaining control over the Spectre, and he disintegrated Black Hand's right hand afrer he tried to steal an old power ring Hal had left with his old friend Green Arrow. Soon, the Spectre revealed Parallax's presence to Hal, who suppressed both minds, while Kyle Rayner told what he had discovered to Green Arrow. Sinestro then attacked Kyle and Green Arrow, to prevent from informing the other heroes of Earth as Parallax planned to destroy the planet.

However, Parallax's revelation was his undoing. Now that he was aware of Parallax, Jordan, and with the Spectre's help, separated himself from Parallax, soon restored to life by Ganthet. After driving off Sinestro, Hal, Kyle, John, Guy, and Kilowog defeated Parallax and reimprisoned him in the Central Battery. Deciding that it was time, Ganthet aged the Guardians to adulthood and set about restoring the Green Lantern Corps. At the same time, Black Hand and Hector Hammond were experimented on by the Kroloteans, an alien race which tried to accelerate evolution. The Kroloteans gave Hand the ability to absorb the lifeforce of others to restore his severed hand, while Hammond's ability to speak was restored. Sinestro, however, bided his time and waited. �

Sinestro Corps WarEdit

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Following the Infinte Crisis, the multiverse was reborn, and the Anti-Monitor with it. On Qward, Sinestro and the Anti-Monitor worked to build the Sinestro Corps, a force which would bring order to the universe by instilling fear. At the same time, the Cyborg Superman, now Grandmaster of the Manhunter Cult, learned of the multiverse. He was captured following Biot's destruction, and interrogated by the Guardians. Ganthet and another Guardian, Sayd, believed that the Blackest Night was coming to pass, but the Guardians exiled them from the Council. Kyle, who had been rebonded with Ion, was captured, separated from Ion, and made a host for Parallax. Hal Jordan and his fellow Earth Lanterns, John Stewart and Guy Gardner, went to Qward to rescue him, but were forced to leave with Ion. Knowing the prophecy, Sinestro allied with Ranx and the Children of the White Lobe, launched an attack on Mogo under his lieutenant Arkillo. Kilowog lead a counter-force, including a rookie Sodam Yat. Succumbing to fear, the Guardians rewrote the Book of Oa and authorized the Green Lanterns to use lethal force against the Sinestro Corps, which had been Sinestro's goal all along. Informed of their new abilities, a number of Green Lanterns began slaughtering the panicking Sinestro Corps, while Sodam Yat managed to destroy Ranx. The Sinestro Corps targeted Earth, but Jordan was able to free Rayner, and Parallax was imprisoned in the batteries of the Earth Lanterns by Ganthet and Sayd. The two told the Lanterns of the Blackest Night, then departed.

During the battle, the Anti-Monitor was challenged by the Guardians, but he managed to burn one of the Guardians during their battle. He was injured when Stewart and Gardner threw Warworld, carrying the Qwardian Central Power Battery, on the Anti-Monitor, who was caught in the explosion. Superboy-Prime then betrayed the Anti-Monitor, and threw him across the universe. After the battle of Earth, Ganthet and Sayd decided to form the Blue Lantern Corps, which would aid the Green Lanterns by harnessing the blue light of hope. The Anti-Monitor landed on an unknown planet in Sector 666, where he was contained by an unknown force and placed with a Black Central Power Battery

Rise of the Lantern CorpsEdit

Following the end of the Sinestro Corps War, the Guardians, under the leadership of the increasingly militant Scarred Guardian, began to take steps they deemed necessary to prevent the Blackest Night. They extended the lethal force authorization to be used against all enemies of the Green Lantern Corps. Additionally, the Guardians established the Alpha Lantern Corps, an internal affairs force which would investigate the Green Lanterns. Although the Guardians said that those who accepted would have to leave behind their former lives and accept technological modifications to mainline them to the Book of Oa, they did not reveal the extent of their transformation: the Alpah Lanterns were modified to have aspects of the Manhunters, and their emotions were completely supressed or stripped. Their first action was to expel Laira of Jayd over her murder of Amon Sur.

Unknown to the other Guardians, the Scarred Guardian had been corrupted by the Anti-Monitor's touch, and was now seeking to join the power behind the Black to bring about the Blackest Night. To that end, she assigned Ash to locate the Anti-Monitor's corpse, and Saarek to commune with the Anti-Monitor's spirit.

At the same time, Qwardian rings continued to seek out new bearers. One of these was Mongul II, the son of the Mongul who destroyed Coast City. He decided to take advantage of the power vacuum following the imprisoning of Sinestro and Parallax, and began a campaign to take control of the Sinestro Corps. Aware of the rings, the Guardians dispatched a team under Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner to send the rings to Oa. Kyle and Guy's team encounter Mongul on Ater Clementia, the homeworld of the Black Mercies, a type of plant Mongul I had used on Superman years earlier. Mongul underestimated the Green Lanterns, and was partially digested by Mother Mercy, the mother of the Black Mercies. Unknown to the Lanterns, Mongul fleed, raiding the ship of newlywed couple Kered and Miri Riam, where he kill Kered.

Meanwhile, other Sinestros were attempting to spread fear by targeting the Lanterns families. Guy, Kyle, and Soranik Natu helped to neutralize the Quintet, a group of Sinestro Corps siblings attacking other families of Green Lanterns. At the same time, Rayner and Natu, who were growing closer, were drawn into KT21, Matoo and Amnee Pree's search for the Sinestro Kryb, who was murdering Green Lanterns and kidnapping their children.

In the run up to the event known as the Final Crisis, Black Hand was being transported to another facility when he experienced a sudden power surge. In an explosion, Hand was transported to the unknown planet in Sector 666, where he soon met the power behind the Black Battery

Sins of the Star SapphiresEdit

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Following an encounter with Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, and Jordan's new lover Jillian Pearlman, the Zamarons had realized that the Star Sapphire was too unstable for the host to control. Deciding to take a page from the Book of Oa, the Zamarons began splitting the crystals into Rings and Power Batteries to lessen the effect of control. The Guardians had been observing this for some time, and decided to take a diplomatic approach. The Scarred Guardian, however, was part of the mission, and made a diplomatic solution impossible. The Zamaron mission failure, coupled with the increasing attacks on Lantern families, allowed the Scarred Guardian to pass a new law to the Book of Oa, forbiding romantic relationships between members of the Green Lantern Corps.

The search for Kryb came to a head in Sector 1111, where Rayner's team located Kryb after murdering the Green Lanterns of the sector at their Sector House, and taking their child. Amnee was able to get the child out of Kryb's posession, but exposed her own pregnancy to Kryb. The other Lanterns made an assault on kryb, but the Sector House began to fall into the gravity of the planet. Seeing the late Lantern's body burn, an enraged Kyle Rayner unleashed a violet physical assault on Kryb. As his fellow Lanterns tried to restrain him, Kryb exposed the Lanterns to her own form of "breast milk", which contained controlling properties that made those exposed subservient to Kryb's will. Unaware of what had happened to them, Amnee went to rescue her husband and fellow Lanterns. Kryb prolonged the battle long enough to cause Amnee to go into labor, then used the Lanterns to restrain Amnee while Kryb performed a ceasarian section. However, Kyle Rayner was able to break free of Kryb's control, and purge the remaining mind control toxin from his fellow Lanterns. Kyle and KT21 dealt with Kryb while Matoo and Soranik helped Amnee through her labor.

Meanwhile, Miri Riam had nearly committed suicide over her grief. The love she felt for Kered attracted a Star Sapphire Ring, which offered to help fill the hole in her heart. Miri accepted, and travelled to Zamaron, where she was inducted into the Star Sapphire Corps. While on patrol, Miri learned of Kryb threatening Matoo and Amnee's love, and hurried to the planet. Her assistance helped to defeat Kryb, just as the Lanterns learned of the new romantic relationship prohibition. Fearful for her child, KT21 tried to execute Kryb on the spot, but Kryb killed her, though she was restrained by Kyle and finally encased in crystal by Miri. Miri announced that she was taking Kryb to Zamaron. Kyle and Soranik did not believe that this could work, as both had their doubts on love. Miri had them look inside her crystal to see their hearts desire, and they saw each other. Kyle left the decision with the Prees, who had decided to resign because of the new law, and chose to let Miri take Kryb. The Guardians were displeased with Kyle's actions, but they soon had other problems: within hours of the law's announcement, dozens of Green Lantern couples resigned in protest

Rage of the Red LanternsEdit

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But the Guardians had left a loose end untended. On Ysmault, Atrocitus burned with rage over the massacre of Sector 666 and his reimprisonment by Sinestro. Atrocitus finally gave into his rage, tapping into the red light of rage of the emotional spectrum. Freeing himself and forging a Red Power Battery, Atrocitus used the battery to kill the other four Inversions, using their blood to form a Red Lantern Central Power Battery and Red Power Rings. Atrocitus began sending rings across the universe, one of which made its way to Laira. Once they were ready, the Red Lantern Corps launched an attack on the Green Lanterns transferring Sinestro to his execution on Korugar. They actually ended up ambushing the Sinestro Corps as well, who had been informed of Sinestro's transfer by the Scarred Guardian. Sinestro was captured, and many members of the Sinestro Corps were killed, while the Green Lanterns were left to die. Fortunately, they were saved by Saint Walker, the first of the Blue Lantern Corps, who had been dispatched to bring Sinestro and Hal Jordan to Ganthet. Taking Jordan to Odym, Saint Walker and Jordan observed the induction of Warth into the Blue Lantern Corps. Ganthet convinced Hal to help the Blue Lanterns rescue Sinestro, saying that both Hal and Sinestro would play a major role in the Blackest Night.

Travelling to Ysmault, Hal and the Blue Lanterns were attacked by the Red Lanterns, with the battle soon becoming a three way fight between the Hal and the Blue Lanterns, the Red Lanterns, and the Sinestro Corps, who had come to rescue Sinestro. During the battle, Hal Jordan managed to get through to Laira, getting her to see past her rage. Unfortunately, Sinestro then killed Laira, mocking Jordan for losing another one. In a rage, Jordan assaulted Sinestro, trying to kill him. His anger summoned forth a Red Power Ring, which attached itself to Jordan, making him a Red Lantern.

Trying to fight off the influence of the Red Ring, Hal Jordan attacked the Blue Lanterns and nearly killed Sinestro. Atrocitus then revealed the weakness of the blue light: it need the green light of willpower to make it work, and since Jordan's ring was inactive, the Blue Lanterns were effectively neutralized. Saint Walker then placed a Blue Power Ring on Jordan, which purged the rage from his body, restarted the blood replication, and assumed his heart functions, destroying the Red Power Ring. However, it also turned Jordan into a composite Blue/Green Lantern hybrid, something which also shocked Saint Walker. Meanwhile, on Earth, Carol Ferris was inducted into the Star Sapphire Corps, whether willingly or not is unknown.

In the chaos, Atrocitus fled to the other side of Ysmault, where he attempted to locate where the Blue Lantern Corps was located. Sinestro and his corps retreated to Qward, where Sinestro activated an ancillary Qwardian Central Battery, built in the event the Central Battery used in the Earth invasion was destroyed. Sinestro was also fully informed of Mongul's coup attempts and summoning of the Sinestro Corps to the planet Daxam. He dispatched his loyalists to rescue the female Sinestro Corps members on Zamaron, then meet on the darkside of Daxam's moon, while Sinestro went to investigate his daughter. �

Avarice of the Orange LanternsEdit

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With the Guardians and the Zamarons preoccupied with the other Lantern Corps, the Controllers were allowed complete freedom of movement from the only two groups which would stop their agenda. Following the Sinestro Corps War, the Controllers decided that they needed a power source similar to Green Lantern Central Power Battery, and agreed to seek out the orange light of avarice. Their search lead them to the temple on Okaara, where they attempted to seize the Orange Lantern. However, Agent Orange unleashed his Lanterns on the Controllers, killing them. Believing that the Guardians had sent the Controllers and incensed over the constant incursions into the Vega system in recent years, Larfleeze decided to send the Guardians a message. Shortly after this, the Green Lantern Stel was pursuing a member of the Sinestro Corps into the Vega System, where Larfleeze sent Blume to kill the Sinestro and brand Stel.

Returning to Odym, Hal Jordan discovered that he was unable to remove the Blue ring. Meeting with Ganthet and Sayd, Hal told them he wasn't becoming a Blue Lantern and wanted the ring off. Ganthet explained that he never intended to offer Hal a Blue ring, but wanted Hal to lead the Blue Lantern Corps as a Green Lantern, with his Green ring allowing the Blue rings to work. Ganthet also explained that if Hal wished to remove the Blue ring, he needed to use it, and hope for something. Unable to get any help, Hal departed, while Ganthet instructed Walker and Warth to continue recruitment and begin a search to locate the Indigo Tribe, who had harnessed the indigo light of compassion

The fall of Daxam and the Riot on OaEdit

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Heading to Daxam, Mongul managed to conquer the planet by himself, sending out an emergency beacon to all Sinestro Corps members to come to Daxam. Once a number of them arrived, Mongul announced that the Sinestro Corps would hereafter serve him, and only him. Arkillo, disdainful of Mongul's arrogance, challenged to single combat for leadership of the Corps. Although Arkillo dominated most of the battle, Mongul triumphed, ripping out Arkillo's tongue, leaving him to be "seen but not heard", a perfect reminder of his power. Sodam Yat's parents, knowing their son was a Green Lantern, sent his mother in the ship of a childhood friend Tessog, an alien who was murdered out Daxamite xenophobia. Yat, who had overcoming brainwashing his parents instilled to view Tessog as an enemy, was perfectly willing to let his world rot, only agreeing when he forced his mother thank Tessog's memory.

On Oa, Vice, one of the Red Lanterns, was captured and brought to the sciencells. Scar, knowing that this was a perfect opportunity to cut Oa in half, released him from his restraints and set him loose in the sciencells, which was housing dozens of captured Sinestro Corps members and Qwardian power rings captured by the Green Lanterns in recent months.


The comic recaps some events from the prequel and movie, before narrating what happens after the conclusion of the film.

The comic starts out with the All Spark being sent into space. Megatron pursues it, and his sub- commander; Starscream is left to command the Decepticons on Cybertron. The Autobots decide to hunt the cube and leave Cybertron on a battle ship. Starscream and the Decepticons pursue and encounter a mine field the Autobots left behind. Eventually both sides reach Earth and battle over the cube. Megatron (according to Starscream) is blind and cares about nothing other than the Allspark. The battle ends when an adolescent human shoves the All Spark into Megatron's chest, destorying both in the process.

Starscream's epic monologue is interrupted by some F-22s. Angered, Starscream destroys them and sets out to find Barricade. Barricade tells him that Frenzy's body and data was left at the Hoover Dam. Seizing ruler ship of the Decepticons, Starscream travels to the Hoover Dam and recovers Frenzy's corpse. He then thwarts his ambushers by capturing their leader, and heads off into space. His alt form survives, but the human does not. Ouch. Starscream arrives at Mars, and Thundercracker helps him in. While Starscream is recharging, he and Thundercracker discuss the new space bridge, the humans, and Wreckage's apparent betrayal. Then they catch wind of an Autobot attack party, and decide to crash it.

Cliffjumper, Arcee, and others in the attack party are intercepted by decepticon drones, and, later, Thundercracker. Cliffjumper is at Thundercracker's mercy when Arcee jumps into the fray. Both Cliffjumper and Arcee are caught unawares when Starscream arrives and assists Thundercracker. The two leave and depart Mars on the space bridge. Starscream arrives at Trypticon and makes the radical decision to build a new All Spark. He then proceeds to eliminate all memories of Megatron. The construction of the new cube is aided by unwilling autobot captives. Many are driven to the point of exhaustion , but nevertheless, the cube is eventually finished. Arcee arrives on Cybertron from Mars via the Star Bridge. She proceeds to meet fellow autobots and decides to lead a mission to rescue their fellow bots from Starscream. The aforementioned decepticon is starting to doubt himself, fearing that he has become that which he despised. Starscream arrives at the construction site and executes the first step of his plan. He ties several autobots and some decepticon insubordinates to the cube in an attempt to power it.

Arcee, Crosshairs, Clocker, and the other autobots arrive at the scene and watch in horror as Starscream murders his captives despite Elita-One's pleas. The cube is malfunctioning when, suddenly, Starscream is betrayed by Dreadwing and Ramjet. Battle ensues between those loyal to Starscream and Dreadwing's drones. Arcee decides to de-activate the drones from a control tower, and Starscream pursues Dreadwing, killing Dive Bomb in the process. The battle is progressing in the Autobot's favor when the control tower collapses and Dreadwing escapes on the Space Bridge. Arcee and the others conclude that the destruction of Trypticon is only a success if Starscream is found. On Mars, Dreadwing discovers that Starscream followed him, and Starscream rips out his spark. The comic ends with Starscream setting his sights on Earth.


Part 1: The SuburbsEdit

A mysterious meteor crashes down to Earth and scans a yellow Camaro and was contacted by his leader, who told him to find an artifact, but warns him to watch out for Decepticon drones. The car, Bumblebee, zoomed off and defeated the drones, Scrappers and Dropkicks. Suddenly he saw Swindles and a Dropkick headed for Bobby Bolivia's car shop. He stopped them and was purchased by Sam Witwicky. The next day Barricade attacked Sam, but Bumblebee stopped him while racing from one place to another, defending Sam. When Barricade was defeated Bumblebee had to destroy Decepticon radio towers preventing the Autobots from landing and clear a landing site

Part 2: More Than Meets The EyeEdit

Soon Sector Seven found the Autobots. In his new alt mode, Bumblebee took Sam and Mikaela Banes to safety, while Jazz distracted distracted S7. Decepticon drones attacked, however and Ironhide had to rescue him. Bumblebee was taken by a S7 helicopter and Optimus had to follow the Autobot in vehicle mode. However, the Decepticon Shockwave attacked. Optimus had to follow him from place to place and finally kill him

Part 3: Inside Hoover DamEdit

In Hoover Dam, Bumblebee escaped and broke open the command center doors, but security robots went to sound the alarm Bumblebee easily killed them and destroyed a console. Now he had to destroy cooling fans. After they were destroyed he had to race out of the tunnels they were in and finally, destroy generators. Bumblebee shrunk the All Spark while fighting off Energon drones and Megatron

Part 4: The Last Stand/The Ultimate DoomEdit

Finally the war was coming to an end in Mission City. Ironhide rescued Bumblebee from the energon drones and Jazz killed Starscream and Blackout. Suddenly, Brawl killed the small Autobot. Ironhide took revenge, however, by killing Brawl. Finally, Bumblebee killed Barricade and after a long fight, Optimus killed Megatron.

That's one heck of a lot of killing


Mission 1: SOCCENT Military BaseEdit

"Time for a delicious, cool...What? Pepsi?!" Blackout started things off by shooting down an MH-53; confusingly, this happened in Qatar right near the military base, rather than in Afghanistan as might reasonably be expected. At Starscream's command, he then proceeded to the local puny human military base to wreck it because that's just how Starscream rolls.

"Damn it Scorponok, that is NOT my Powerlinx plug!" Sadly, his plan to wreck stuff up all day was foiled by some human communication vehicles, and rather than destroy them himself he deployed Scorponok, as the slower, less powerful Decepticon would be much better equipped to deal with the situation. Blackout busied himself destroying some communication arrays in the meantime, hoping to steal their vending machines mainframes and grab some data.

Scorponok, having succeeded in destroying the communications trucks, returned to Blackout, whereupon Starscream revealed he had in fact failed to do that and some human reinforcements were on the way to make Blackout's life miserable. Blackout instead made their lives miserable, and the end of level screen helpfully explained the entire level had been pointless.

No, really. �

Mission 2: The Hunt For Sam WitwickyEdit

Barricade's protoform landed near a local donut store, and he promptly copied the nearby Saleen S281 (a police car near a donut store, see what they did there?) and got in contact with Starscream. Starscream informed him he was there to find Sam Witwicky, for some reason forgetting he was only supposed to know Sam's eBay username at this point. By finding Sam, Barricade would be able to get hold of a pair of glasses he owned that held the key to the end of the game. You're better off forgetting about this conversation entirely, it'll prevent later sanity loss.

[3][4]This is what is technically known as a bad idea.Starscream's plan to find Sam's location entailed Barricade driving to a more or less random part of town, where he was set upon by Autobot Drones, then driving to a different random part of town where he was set upon by Autobot Drones again. This incredibly important objective fulfilled, Barricade promptly teleported to a location he couldn't possibly get to during the actual mission, and was told to head to the power plant in order to find an irritating little abomination. Upon arrival, Barricade found himself faced with humans armed with rocket launchers, so immediately did the most sane and sensible thing and hid behind a line of propane tanks, which for some reason actually worked. Finding himself dealing with a magic Sector 7 SUV which could somehow hide itself inside buildings, Barricade was forced to tear down all the nearby buildings as Frenzy's energy decreased, which, presumably, meant the humans were torturing (?!) him. In an SUV. In a building.

After repeating this several times and watching the SUV at one point burst out of a non-existent building next to the local police station, Barricade cornered Frenzy's captors at the local shopping mall, destroying the entire building and letting the cutscene gloss over how the hell Frenzy got out from under hundreds of tons of collapsed masonry. From this he determined that a human named Sam was in possession of a "pair of ocular lenses." Which both he and Starscream knew at the start of the level. Argh.

This is what you'll be doing for approximately 90% of the time you're in Tranquility, so get used to it.Bumblebee then showed up heading for the police station, forcing Barricade to brave his abysmal driving controls in order to stop the Autobot. The heroic Bumblebee then resorted to using a ridiculous shockwave attack that destroyed a huge area of town every time he did it. Unperturbed by this inexplicable display of Autobot villainy, Barricade vanquished Bumblebee, then chased him down to the local Bay Demolition site, where he was ambushed by Swindle drones and Dropkick drones that were blue in the cinematic, despite being red. Despite having no reason to stay there and every reason not to, Barricade defeated all of them.

This led him back to the Police Station, which had impishly decided to reassemble itself since being destroyed in the second mission, as police stations are noted to do from time to time. Here he cornered Sam, but failed to walk the required two steps straight forward before Bumblebee smacked into his legs, picked up Sam and Mikaela and drove off. And then drove back or something, since the mission started with him in robot mode three hundred yards directly in front of Barricade.

Barricade fought with Bumblebee. Then Bumblebee drove off, Barricade followed, and they did it again. This happened several times, with Barricade at one point somehow ambushing Bumblebee despite the Autobot getting there before he did. After entirely too many identical fight sequences, Bumblebee lay defeated, Barricade recovered the glasses, and Sam, Bumblebee and Mikaela were surrounded by Sector 7 vehicles. It is again a good idea to forget that the Autobots no longer have the glasses and so have no idea where the Allspark is, as the game will forget this shortly. �

Mission 3: A Gathering Farce ForceEdit

Starscream was next to take the reins, attacking a secret human airbase where Bonecrusher and Brawl had decided to hide out in a somewhat ill-advised manner. After discovering that he couldn't understand what the hell Frenzy was saying either, Starscream realised his radar was jammed by the local human communications equipment. A quick bout of destroying things later, this problem was solved, allowing him to locate Bonecrusher. "Brawl! You're a tank! Use your tank parts!" "I can't, I'm shy." "What?!" "None shall stand in my way!" "Your talking privileges are hereby revoked, Bonecrusher."Bonecrusher had stealthily hidden himself in the middle of a road surrounded by turrets firing weird electrical stuff at him, and proceeded to take a route through the airbase which cunningly didn't avoid any of the handful of checkpoints containing such turrets. Starscream, rather than reprimanding him for this idiocy, destroyed the checkpoints and escorted him onto the runway, then proceeded to a point near the runway for his next mission...Only to find himself stood next to Bonecrusher on the runway again. This somehow lead to a mission to destroy drone aircraft made using technology based on Megatron's vehicle mode, which Starscream no doubt viewed as useful practice.

Following on from this (somehow), Bonecrusher and Brawl moved out...Right into human gun batteries firing weird electricity. Since they had somehow forgotten what all their weapons were for, Starscream was once again called upon to do everything himself, flying back and forth using his strange rocket launcher to save his rather apathetic comrades from self-imposed doom. Since neither appeared in the game after this mission, you have to wonder why he bothered at all, really.

This was followed by an extended cutscene in which Starscream and Blackout arrived at the Hoover Dam and started trashing it, releasing Frank Welker's voice which declared they should probably stop screwing around and get to Mission City where the next mission was

Mission 4: City of the MachinesEdit

Autobot forces arrived in Mission City despite having no idea of where the Allspark was (and Sam had it despite being arrested by Section 7), so, wary of stepping in any more plot holes, Megatron sent his Decepticons ahead of him. Except Starscream, Brawl and Bonecrusher, who seemed to have got lost along the way.

"I didn't touch anything!"Barricade found a redshirt protecting Sam and Mikaela, and found, moreover, that he lacked a stupid attack that made him invincible, making him easy prey. However, he reckoned without the Autobot unleashing the most horrifying weapon in his arsenal, the dreaded checkpoint race! Megatron prepares to unleash his impression of someone else.Somehow surmounting this horror, Barricade defeated Jazz again, leaving him dying at the foot of the large monument the race may or may not have ended somewhere near but probably didn't. Since Scorponok can't drill under roads and drilling is more or less his only ability, he was a clear logical choice to take over from the undamaged Barricade, and so did this, scuttling to Central Park (slowly) to kill a group of silly robotic crickets who were causing chaos, violence and confusion without first being Decepticons. This somehow led him to Sam, who was about to hand over the Allspark when Ironhide rather uncharitably kicked Scorponok into the monument (which the dead Jazz had vanished from in the interval). Blackout was understandably angered by this mistreatment of his adorable pet evil robot, and vowed to deal with Ironhide.

Ironhide pulled out everything he had: every drone type except Mixmaster and Dreadwing showed up to ruin Blackout's day, and Ironhide himself used the dastardly tactics of being invincible for most of the battle, ordering his troops to get stuck on the scenery behind him so they'd be impossible to reach, and making sure every energy-bearing human helicopter crash-landed on the roof of a building where Blackout couldn't get to it. Despite this, Blackout finally defeated him, allowing Megatron to return from whatever the hell he was doing all this time and commence the final battle. The penultimate final battle, as it turned out.

This consisted of Megatron destroying things at random, some drones appearing, Megatron destroying them at random, and then this cycle repeating. 80 (!) drones later, Megatron finally got fed up with this and climbed the tallest building in the city, whereupon the programmers realised they'd driven the player character to suicide and hurriedly ended the level. �

Mission 5: Day of the MachinesEdit

Having been affected by the same Apathy Radiation from the Allspark that kept Megatron from doing anything in the previous mission, Peter Cullen's voice finally got off his tin backside to have a final confrontation with Frank Welker's voice, just like the good old days. This largely consisted of Optimus fighting Megatron for a while, then running away while Megatron fought some drones, then hiding while Megatron flew around in circles and a not-even-slightly-explained timer counted down. After an alarmingly large number of repetitions of this, Optimus finally keeled over out of sheer frustration, allowing Megatron to absorb the Allspark.

Megatron decided that the Lincoln Memorial would make a fine throne (again) as he watched the eradication of the human race. That done, it was time for his triumphant return to Cybertron, which apparently consisted of fighting a bunch of Autobot drones in a big arena while the plot hid in a corner and pretended it wasn't there.

The comic adaptation tells the same general story as the Movie:

  • The Autobots and Decepticons have been fighting a war on Cybertron for over a million years.
  • The All Spark cube ended up on Earth.
  • Captain Archibald Witwicky found Megatron in 1897.
  • Blackout attacks a base in Quatar. Captain William Lennox and Technical Sergeant Robert Epps survive and are tracked down by Scorponok, who is then defeated in an airstrike.
  • Sam Witwicky gets a car as a present from his dad, which later turns out to be the Autobot Bumblebee.
  • Frenzy infiltrates Air Force One, finds information on Captain Witwicky and plants a virus.
  • Barricade assaults Sam. Bumblebee arrives just in time to save him and Mikaela Banes. After a fight with Barricade and Frenzy, he upgrades from a 1976 Camaro to the 2009 model.
  • Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ironhide and Ratchet arrive on Earth, scan new alternate modes and tell Sam and Mikaela their story.
  • Sam and Mikaela are searching for Archibald Witwicky's glasses when Agent Seymour Simmons and his Sector Seven colleagues arrive and arrest everyone. The Autobots free Sam and Mikaela, but Bumblebee is eventually captured by Sector Seven, as are Sam and Mikaela.
  • Tom Banachek informs United States Secretary of Defense John Keller about the true extent of the threat.
  • Everyone gets brought to Sector Seven's headquarters inside Hoover Dam, where they are given a grand tour. Megatron is kept there in cryo-stasis, and the All Spark is also stored nearby. Simmons gives a demonstartion of the All Spark's capabilities.
  • Frenzy infiltrates Sector Seven's headquarters and calls the other Decepticons. Megatron is freed.
  • Sam, with Captain Lennox's help, is able to negotiate Bumblebee's release. Bumblebee shrinks the All Spark and speeds off to Mission City.
  • En route, they're intercepted by the Decepticons. Optimus Prime takes out Bonecrusher.
  • The battle in Mission City starts with Starscream blowing off Bumblebee's legs, while Jazz is killed by Megatron.
  • Mikaela straps Bumblebee to a tow truck, thus giving him maneuverability in battle. Subsequently, Bumblebee destroys Brawl.
  • Lennox starts an attack on Blackout using a motorcycle, destroying him.
  • Sam, with the All Spark, flees to a rooftop, but Megatron follows him. When Megatron causes Sam to fall, he's saved by Optimus Prime.
  • Sam puts the All Spark cube into Megatron's chest, seemingly killing Megatron, and destroying the cube with him.
  • The Autobots briefly mourn their fallen comrade Jazz.
  • The story ends with Secretary Keller ordering Sector Seven to be disbanded and the Decepticons' remains to be dropped into the ocean, Ironhide ending up with Lennox, Sam ending up with Mikaela as his girlfriend (and Bumblebee as his car), and Optimus Prime sending out a message to any remaining Autobots hiding in space.

Differences with movieEdit

Since the comic adaptation is based on an earlier version of the script, it differs from the final movie in many details. Other differences may have resulted from certain points in the script being left vague on the details, thus leaving it to Kris Oprisko and Alex Milne to fill in the gaps with their own imagination. Furthermore, lots of scenes and details from the movie are also dropped simply for space reasons (the movie has more than two hours to tell its story, whereas the comic adaptation only has 88 pages in total). While the specific differences are discussed in detail on the pages for the individual issues, a few general observations deserve mention here:

  • Glen Whitmann is entirely absent from the comic adaptation. Furthermore, Maggie Madsen also only ever appears in two scenes (in issues 3 and 4). This causes a weird discrepancy between issues 1 and 3—in issue 1, operators on board of Air Force One detect Frenzy's intrusion into their network on their own; yet in issue 3, Maggie tells Sam Witwicky that she "caught an alien hacking into Air Force One" (like she did in the movie).
  • In the comic version, Agent Seymour Simmons is portrayed a lot more rude (and less comedic) than in the movie.
  • In general, nearly all of the more humorous elements of the movie are missing from the comic adaptation, which presents itself as straightforward Serious Business all the way. That means no Indian phone operator, no Mojo (except for one very brief scene), no instances of Sam making a fool out of himself, and no "Sam's Happy Time".
  • Several times, scenes and lines are attributed to different characters as opposed to the movie, particularly in issue 3.
  • Barricade's fate (which is left open in the movie itself) is explicitly addressed in issue 4 of the comic adaptation (although The Reign of Starscream later negates it).
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