Quan Jing
Quan Jing
Character information
Force(s): Wu Quan Famliy Bronx OutLawz Crimson Dragonz
Significant Battle(s): Battle of Si Shui Gate

The Big Push

Historical information
Real name: Quan Jing
Chinese name: 全静
Born:  ?
Died:  ?

Quan Jing was a general of Wu.


Quan Jing was a son of Quan Cong, and followed his footsteps as a general of Wu. He took part in the defense of Dongxing against Wei in 252, participating in a fire attack against them to repel Wei's forces. Six years later, he served in the expedition to aid Zhuge Dan in his rebellion. But when regent Sun Chen had general Zhu Yi executed for his failures in the battle, Zhong Hui convinced Quan Jing to surrender.

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