The "Predalien" is the result of an Alien Facehugger impregnating a predator (Yautja) , or in rare cases, an after-result of genetic experimentation. � The concept of the Predalien{| class="toccolours" style="margin: 0px 0px 0.5em 1em; width: 25em; float: right" | colspan="2" style="text-align: center"| |- ! colspan="2" style="text-align: center; font-size: larger"|Predalien Yautjomorph/Xenoyautja |- |Universe |AVP Universe |- |Homeworld |Xenomorph Prime |- |Average Height |3.048 meter |- |Diet |Carnivorous |- |Sentient |Yes (later part of lifecycle) |} Fan opinions on its appearance seem to range from approval to total hatred. Some believe the Predator's fleshy dreadlocks should not have been included, as Xenomorphs seem to retain more of their host's skeletal structure than flesh; some even argue that the mandibles, which obviously have bones within them, should have been excluded, effectively rendering the Predalien a stronger, bulked-up version of the human-incubated Drones often seen in the movie. The AVP games have, however, shown a creature more in touch with its Predator host: complete with large mandibles, a heavily-built physique, and dreadlocks - even going so far as to shorten the elongated head and apparently remove the inner set of jaws. In the games, this variant is also depicted light brown, much like the skin-color of the Predators. In reality, it shares more of a resemblance with its host than other xenomorphs. The Predalien's status as a non-canon caste is actually debatable, however, as a chestburster was seen in the end of the Alien vs. Predator movie emerging from the Predator "Scar". It possessed the mandibles of a Predator, was shown to have grown up into a PredAlien in the sequel. Of course, many fans seem to question whether the movie itself is canon, due to poor reviews and fan reaction of the two films, so the PredAlien's place in the Alien and Predator franchises is still up for debate. However, Alien vs Predator takes place many, many years before Alien, and within that time the PredAlien is most certainly dead. from a nuclear explosion.

� � A Predalien babyIn Alien vs Predator: Requiem, the Predalien is a queen that uses its mouth like a facehugger to implant multiple chestbursters into a host at once. (At least four.) It has the Predator dreadlocks and mandibles, and also has a tough build as well as taking some color from its host. Also the predalien skinned the predator in a deleted scene from the film. Like a predator skins a human. This shows the predalien has more predator features than the alien. Also the predalien appeared to have no acidic blood. In the game the predalien is not able to headbite, however, in Aliens versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt the predalien is capable of using its mandibles to instantly crush and consume the head of a foe (it is likely this addition was made due to the fact that the predalien is the only class playable in the single-player campaign, and headbiting restores a large amount of health, far more than from simply clawing at a corpse). In Aliens versus Predator: Extinction, the Predalien has a reddish exoskeleton and the ability to secrete growth hormones during battle, making it molt and become more powerful afterwards.