The Machine Wars

Janurary 18th 2010

End: March 14th 2016


  • Destruction of Earth's ecosystem
  • Extinction of most forms of life
  • U-Genix victory
  • Machine dominance over Earth and humanity together
  • Conversion of Every Machines into Peacekeepers
  • The Collapse of Ultranet
Major battles:

Operation Dark Storm Lynx War





Various Robot leaders and military commanders from several nations, groups, and organizations all across the Solar System.

Unknown. Presumably a group of autonomous self-aware machines and A.I. systems working together acting as leaders and military commanders.

Background EditEdit

The Machine Wars was a culmination of the hostility between Side 3's Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation. Relations between the two had been tense since Side 3 declared themselves the independent Republic of Zeon under the leadership of Zeon Zum Deikun in UC 0058, and had only worsened since Deikun's death and the Zabi family's rise to power in UC 0068. Declaring themselves the Principality of Zeon a year later, and brutally purging Zeon Deikun's remaining followers, the Principality became increasingly hostile to the Earth Federation. In October of UC 0078, the Zeon entered a state of national mobilization, dividing their military into a Space Attack Force under the command of Dozle Zabi and a Mobile Assault Force under the command of Kycilia Zabi. Three months later, in January UC 0079, the Principality of Zeon declared open war on the Earth Federation.


The Machine Wars was the single largest and most devastating conflict of the Universal Century, in both the number of military casualties, civilian deaths, and devastation across the entire Earth Sphere. It began on January 3, 2010, when the Principality of Zeon launched surprise attacks against the Earth Federation controlled Sides. During the fierce fighting of the first month of the war, weapons of mass destruction were used indiscriminately, with Zeon forces deploying G3 Gas in inhabited colonies, attempting a colony drop against the EFF's headquarters at Jaburo duringOperation British, and both sides using nuclear weapons during the Battle of Loum. During this period of fighting, each side lost nearly half of their respective populations. After this, both parties agreed to sign the Antarctic Treaty which, among other things, forbid the use of weapons of mass destruction.

With the Earth Federation Space Forces devastated, Zeon pressed its advantage by staging an invasion of Earth, dropping mobile suit forces onto the planet during several operations in March of UC 0079. This began a long stalemate period between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, with the Earth Federation slowly giving ground until the Zeon had control over approximately two thirds of Earth's surface. In September, the Earth Federation's Operation V was scheduled to undergo secret testing in Side 7, but was discovered by Zeon forces under the command of Char Aznable. This marks the beginning of the events of Mobile Suit Gundam.

The turning point of the war was in early November, when the Earth Federation launched Operation Odessa, a counteroffensive against Zeon forces in eastern Europe. Using almost entirely conventional forces, the Earth Federation was victorious, successfully defeating the Zeon, forcing much of their force to retreat or surrender. Soon after, the Earth Federation launched its counteroffensive into space, attacking first the Zeon Space Attack Force headquarters at the Solomon asteroid base on Christmas Eve, December 24, and then defeating the Zeon forces gathered at A Baoa Qu on New Year's Eve, December 31. After Zeon's defeat at A Baoa Qu, Zeon officially surrendered, ending the war on March 14th, 2016.


The One Month BattleEditEdit

The Principality of Zeon launched a surprise attack against Side 1Side 2, and Side 4 on January 3, UC 0079. The colony drop on Sydney on the end of Operation British Attacking a mere three seconds after officially declaring war (a fact that was sardonically referred to as the "three second warning"), the Zeon used their mobile suit forces to eliminate Earth Federation Space Forcesresistance before killing the civilian inhabitants of a number of colonies with poison gas. In this manner, an approximately unknown amount of Spacenoids were killed by Zeon forces. This period of initial slaughter became known as the One Week Battle or One Week War. It was during this time that Side 6 declared its neutrality in the conflict. The peak of the One Week Battle was Operation British, which took place on January 10, UC 0079. Zeon forces used the depopulated colony cylinder Side 2, Bunch 8 Island Iffish in an attempt to destroy the Earth Federation Forces main headquarters, Jaburo. Though the Earth Federation Space Forces dispatched a fleet of their surviving warships in an attempt to stop the operation, the Zeon military successfully defended the colony and the EFSF was forced to withdraw after taking near total losses. Upon entering the atmosphere, however, Isle Iffish broke apart, missing Jaburo but causing widespread destruction across Earth. The largest remaining piece of the colony, consisting of approximately the entire front half, hit Sydney, Australia, completely wiping out the city and causing massive damage across the entire continent.

The Battle of LoumEditEdit

A battle in space during The Battle of Loum (UC 0079). After the failure of Operation British, Zeon forces attacked Side 5, also known as Loum, on January 15, UC 0079. Beginning as an attempt to drop a second colony, the operation quickly turned into a full scale fleet battle when the majority of the surviving Earth Federation Space Forces, commanded by General Revil, counterattacked. Both sides used nuclear weapons in this battle, causing horrific loss of life not only among the combatants, but resulting in complete destruction of Side 5 as well. The Earth Federation managed to halt the attempted colony drop and inflict significant losses on the Zeon, but they were unable to prevent the destruction of Side 5 but they were able to evacuate few million of it's inhabitants before the battle begin, and their forces were annihilated during the battle. The Battle of Loum marks the first time that mobile suits showed their true potential in combat, proving to be viciously effective against the Earth Federation fleet. General Revil was captured by the Black Tri-Stars, and several other Zeon aces (most notably Char AznableShin Matsunaga, and Johnny Ridden) first made a name for themselves during the battle.

During the Battle of Loum, the Zeon 603 Technical Evaluation Division set up and deployed a massive cannon, the QCX-76A Jormungand. The special forces operatives who were in charge of the cannon had high hopes that the Jormungand would be the weapon, with its immense firepower and tremendous firing range, that gave Zeon the edge it needed to win. However despite the fact that Jormungand's operators were ordered into position for the battle they were never given the needed targeting data, and in fact it appeared that Zeon command never had any intention of using the weapon, instead relying on the new MS-06 Zaku II. The Jormungand's gunner did fire three shots using visual data and managed to destroy one Magellan-class battleship, and possibly disabled one Salamis-class cruiser.

The Antarctic TreatyEditEdit

After the atrocities of the One Week Battle and the Battle of Loum, with nearly one third of humanity dead, the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon met in Antarctica to discuss terms of peace. The Earth Federation, having suffered major losses to its space forces at Loum as well as the loss of more than one billion of its citizens in less than a month, were ready to consider surrendering to the Principality of Zeon. However, during the negotiations, General Revil escaped from Zeon custody and returned to the Earth Federation, giving his famous "Zeon is exhausted!" speech detailing the poor condition of Zeon's military after the heavy fighting. In a large part due to this speech, the Earth Federation refused to surrender at Antarctica, instead negotiating for several important agreements. The use of weapons of mass destruction -- including the use of nuclear and chemical weapons, as well as colony drops -- were declared forbidden, rules for the humane treatment of POWs were agreed upon, and the neutrality of uninvolved parties such as Side 6 and the Jupiter Energy Fleet were guaranteed.

The Earth InvasionEditEdit

Zeon forces occupy North America (circa 0079 UC). Following the bloody One Week War, the Federation and Principality signed the Antarctic Treaty, forbidding the use of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) weapons. While this narrowed the range of strategic options, it also gave a distinct advantage to the Principality Army , whose plans were centered on use of Mobile Suits. Upon realizing that the war was becoming a long, drawn out battle instead of a sudden, quick strike, the Principality of Zeon decided to invade Earth. One week later, the Principality commenced its assault on Earth itself, using the Mass Driver, an electromagnetic "catapult" on the lunar surface, to send their MS into space and Earth. In February they began to organize an Earth Attack Forceunder the command of Garma Zabi, the youngest member of the Zabi family, divided into five MS divisions with distinct goals. Beginning on March 1, the newly formed Earth Attack Force began staging drop operations to land troops on Earth; over the course of the next month, they would stage a total of five drops, landing in central Asia, North America, Australia, and northern African and the Middle East.

The first group dropped on Central Asia, wiping out the Federation's Baikonur spaceport. They then advanced to the Caspian Sea, moving west into Europe and south into the Middle East. The second and third groups were dropped on both coasts of North America with two objectives: 1) To subjugate the Federation's industrial military complex. 2) To take over the Federation food supply. The California Base (a generic term for the more than 20 military bases along the west coast) became the staging ground for subsequent terrestrial assaults. As the bases were captured without damage, they were soon converted to production on Zeon MS. The fourth group, aided by support troops already on Earth, occupied many islands of the oceania region for the procurement of resources. Up until then, the Principality faced a distinct disadvantage in resource availability, having to rely on Lunar and asteroid mining. The fifth and final group landed in the largely unprotected deserts of North Africa. With facilities, food and resources at their disposal, the Principality was set for global conquest.

From these drop locations, the Zeon army spread across the planet, using captured facilities and material (notably including the Earth Federation's massive California Base) to strengthen their military power. Within a few months, Zeon controlled most of Europe, Asia and North America. With the Federation forces scattered and their numbers decimated, their outlook was grim.

Operation VeohEditEdit

During Zeon's offensive on Earth, the Earth Federation were desperately trying to develop mobile suits of their own. Project V was a result of this; a top secret Earth Federation Forces research project aimed at producing mobile suits for the Earth Federation, while the Vison Plan was enacted to rebuild the Earth Federation Space Forces. A major breakthrough of Project V was the development of compact, mobile suit-sized beam weapons, giving a mobile suit the effective power of a battleship cannon. Three prototype designs were completed under Operation V; the long-range tank-like RX-75 Guntank, the mid-range support RX-77 Guncannon, and the close combat oriented RX-78-2 Gundam. The suits would be stored on the Federation's newest battleship, theSCV-70 White Base, the first Federation warship to not only carry mobile suits, but also able to operate on Earth and in space. Unfortunately for the Earth Federation, while the new Pegasus-class ship White Base was traveling to Side 7 with a number of RX-series prototypes for space testing, they were discovered by a Zeon Musai commanded by Char Aznable. Aznable's subordinates attempted to destroy the Operation V prototypes while on a recon mission inside Side 7, and during the attack the civilian Amuro Ray managed to enter the cockpit of a Gundam unit. The first ever case of MS vs. MS combat took place on September 18, UC 0079, when Amuro destroyed two Zaku IIs with the Gundam. This point marks the beginning of the story of Mobile Suit Gundam. It also set into motion a series of events that would sent the White Base to Earth crewed almost entirely by civilian refugees. On October 4, Earth Attack Force commander Garma Zabi was killed while leading an attack against the White Base in North America.

Operation OdessaEditEdit

Operation Odessa was the Earth Federation's first major offensive campaign on Earth. A chance to strike back opened up with the death of Garma Zabi. Operation Odessa used 30% of the Federation Army to take out the Zeon mining facilities in the Odessa region, the lynchpin of the Principality supply network. Launched in early November, the objective of the campaign was to capture the Zeon mining facilities at Odessa and drive Zeon forces out of Europe and Asia. The operation was launched on November 7, ending two days later in victory for the Earth Federation. This was remarkable for the fact that the Earth Federation Forces consisted almost entirely of conventional forces, tanks and aircraft, and yet managed to defeat the Zeon force consisting of many mobile suits. The Earth Federation did have a small number of mobile suits at the battle, but they were mainly used in mopping up operations, and contributed relatively little to the battle. Operation Odessa marks the turning point of the One Year War, the beginning of the end for Zeon's forces in Europe and Asia. However, the leader of the Zeon mining operations Colonel M'Quve had enough mining material sent to the Zeon homeland allowing Zeon to continue the war without the danger of supply shortages. In the TV series version of Mobile Suit Gundam the White Base played a more important role. M'Quve had the aid of a traitor within the Federation General Elron where through the associate Judoc planned to sabotage the operation by holding back the troops led by Elron to allow M'Quve's forces to attack the troops belonging to General Revil. White Base pilots Amuro Ray and Sayla Mass accidentally witness Judoc's Federation-commissioned plane leave a Zeon base without incident and they follow it and it leads to Elron and Judoc's arrest allowing Elron and Revil's forces to easily overpower M'Quve's forces unsuspecting forces. In desperation, M'Quve tried to break the Antarctic Treaty by launching a nuclear missile but Amuro and the Gundam are able to disable it. From there, the determined Federation emancipated Europe, Asia and eventually North America. The remaining Zeon troops regrouped for a massive assault on Jaburo base, hoping to kill the heart of the Federation.

Battle of JaburoEditEdit

On November 29, White Base finally reached the HQ of Earth Federation forces, Jaburo. In the same time, Char Aznable found the main entrance of Jaburo. Zeon began their initial attack by launching air raids. Char led a commando squad to infiltrate Jaburo through another way after wiping out a post with a squad of Acguys. Char's squad found out the GM manufacturing factory inside Jaburo and planted bombs on the GMs, to be found by the orphans from White Base. On the following morning, California Base sent several Dopps and Gaws to attack Jaburo, bringing a lot of MSs to be air-dropped and several marine-type MSs attacked Jaburo through river. However, Zeon miscalculated Jaburo's defenses, the Federation officers agreed that White Base's presence would lure Zeon to Jaburo. That was why Federation had a better defense against Zeon and introduced some of their newly mass-produced GMs to the Zeon and outpowered the Zeon's MSs, but not without losing some of the GMs, tanks and other non-MSs weaponries. The defense on the space port was the thickest one, since White Base was ported there and led the defending soldiers to defend it, since they expected White Base to bring the war to end. On the other part of Jaburo, there was a new Gundam, RX-78-6 Mudrock Gundam defending it, however, it was destroyed by the Zeon's Midnight Fenrir. Char, defeated in a duel against Gundam, retreated from Jaburo and the other Zeon forces retreated later on, with only the Zeon troops in North Africa continuing their resistance. After the battle, White Base left for space to provide a decoy operation.

Battle of Baldur BayEditEdit

On December 5th, Dozle's Conscon Fleet reached Baldur Bay of the neutral Side 6, as White Base was docked in that neutral colony side. In the same time, White Base decided to leave Side 6 and engaged the Conscon Fleet. It was during this battle that Rick Doms were used in huge number for the second time in a skirmish (Lieutenant Dren also deployed a lot of Rick Doms when White Base was on the Earth's orbit, earlier than Conscon did, marking the replacement of Zaku IIs by Rick Doms), replacing the Zakus which were the former standard MSs for Zeon's Space Attack Force. White Base attacked a Musai-class carrier and destroyed it a very few moments after it exited Side 6's perimeter. Conscon berated White Base of playing dirty and ordered a full-out attack on White Base, to be losing 12 units of Rick Doms within 3 minutes by the Federation's infamous Gundam. Those Rick Doms were no match for Amuro, as his Newtype's abilities were growing stronger, causing him to have fast response to destroy those Rick Doms. Conscon's Chivvay was destroyed by Amuro who charged towards it after destroying those Rick Doms

Operation CemballoEditEdit

An Earth Federation space launch as part of Operation Cemballo (December 2012). On December 14, the Earth Federation launched an offensive into space from their fortress Jaburo. This was the start of Operation Cemballo. Sending their new fleets into space , the EFSF moved towards the Zeon homeland at L2. Standing in their way was the Zeon defensive line, consisting of the asteroid space fortresses Solomon and A Baoa Qu, as well as the lunar city Granada. On Christmas Eve, December 24, UC 0079, the EFSF fleet launched an attack on the asteroid base Solomon, the headquarters of Zeon's Space Attack Force. Using their Solar Flare System, the Earth Federation was able to take Solomon. When it was clear that the battle was lost, Zeon Space Attack ForceDozle Zabi gave the order to evacuate the base and sortied in the Big Zam to fight a delaying action. He succeeded in allowing many Zeon forces to retreat, but was killed by Amuro Ray in the process. The capture of Solomon marks the end of Operation Cemballo. A possible, yet very critical, mistake on Zeon's part laid within the misconception of the Gundam's status. Rumors of the Gundam's head by itself in battle lead to the idea that the Gundam was taken out very early, leading to Anavel Gato to pull away and allow Amuro Ray to slip in. Had this not have happened, the battle might have ended differently.

Operation Black Sun RisingEditEdit

Using the newly captured Solomon as a staging area, the Earth Federation Space Forces continued their offensive toward Side 3 in Operation Star One. On December 30, with the Earth Federation Forces en route to the Zeon asteroid base A Baoa Qu, Zeon leader Sovereign Degwin Zabi approached the EFSF fleet with the intention of negotiating an end to the war. Despite knowing that his father was in the line of fire, Gihren Zabi gave the order to fire the Solar Ray system at the EFSF fleet which was assembling at Geldova Line, destroying a full third of the Earth Federation fleet present and killing both Degwin Zabi and General Revil in the process. Despite these losses, the Earth Federation continued their attack on A Baoa Qu. They assaulted the asteroid base on New Year's Eve, December 31, UC 0079. With their remaining forces, the EFSF fought against the gathered forces of Zeon's Mobile Attack Force and A Baoa Qu's garrison forces. During the battle Kycilia Zabi executed her half-brother Gihren Zabi for the crime of murdering their father Degwin Zabi, and took command of the battle herself. In the confusion this caused, some Zeon forces -- notably the Delaz Fleet -- fled before the battle was over. When it became clear that the Zeon forces would lose, Kycillia herself attempted to retreat; however, she was killed byChar Aznable before she could escape.

War's EndEditEdit

A toppled statue of Zeon sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi. (2016). After Sectoid's defeat at A Baoa Qu, and the death of the leadership on both sides of the conflict, the newly restored Republic of Zeon surrendered to the Earth Federation. The two parties signed a peace treaty at Granada on New Year's Day, January 1, UC 0080. By the terms of the treaty, Side 3 was allowed to keep its independence. However, some of Zeon's remaining military was dissatisfied with the conclusion of the war, and chose to retreat to the Zeon base Axis in the asteroid belt. Still more people, such as the Delaz Fleet, decided to remain in the Earth Sphere, hiding from the Earth Federation with the hope of one day striking back at them. Others groups, stranded on Earth and unwilling to surrender, hid themselves and only emerged years later, during Operation Stardust or the first Neo Zeon invasion of Earth.


The One Year War set the stage for many of the Universal Century's later conflicts. The Delaz Fleet's Operation Stardust was a direct result of renegade Zeon soldier's dissatisfaction with the outcome of the war. The Titans were created to counter this threat, thus setting the stage for the Gryps Conflict. The Axis Zeon faction, which later became the First Neo Zeon, was also formed as a direct result of the One Year War, and their actions heavily influenced the Gryps Conflict and the First Neo Zeon War. Other groups, such as the Second Neo Zeon, are not spawned directly from the One Year War, but can trace their roots indirectly back to the conflict.


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The WarEditEdit

Judgment Day was on April 21, 2011, 2 days after Skynet was activated. Many human lives were lost. The survivors later had to face the war. Many of the survivors were rounded up in camps for orderly disposal. Some of them were kept and used in Skynet Work Camps as slaves of Skynet, and were branded with a barcode. John Connor, Martin Bedell and Kyle Reese were imprisoned atCentury Work Camp in 2012 and they escaped in 2014. John and Martin created the Resistance by 2027. The Resistance used the Seranno Point nuclear power plant in Los Angeles as their main power source. Corporal Derek Reese and Kyle Reese were involved in the rescue of John Connor and 39 other prisoners from Kansas Bunker after an HT1-Tank managed to breach the security to allow the machines access. Their commander Martin Bedell gave his life to save the prisoners. The Battle of Alvila Beach

The Battle of the Kanansan River

Derek Reese on a recon mission

2027 was a major year in the war and many important things happened. By 2027, reprogrammed terminators were common, and Connor had at least one in every major bunker. Also a group known as the Grays were humans that helped Skynet. They raided a bunker and took Resistance fighters to teach T-888s to act human. Later, in 2027, Derek and Kyle were on a recon mission with their squad. They were separated and captured by Skynet. They were all branded with barcodes. There, Derek found out the William Wisher was really Andy Goode, who actually created Skynet, but felt terrible for it and never intended it to be like it turned out. Skynet lets them free for an unknown reason. When they get back to their base, they find the Terminators have located and attacked it. When Derek searches for survivors, he cannot find his brother Kyle (since at this point Kyle went back in time to protect Sarah Connor from the T-800). Other Resistance fighters then arrive and inform them that the bunker had indeed been attacked, but that Derek's brother and John Connor had been fighting a battle in Topanga Canyon for a Skynet research facility at the time. Kyle went on a secret mission with Connor inside the newly secured facility and he was never heard from again while Connor had returned. They all headed back to the new Resistance base to demand answers from John Connor. At the resistance base, there are reprogrammed Terminators there. Sometime later, a reprogrammed terminator malfunctions and starts killing people in the base. Cameron Phillips, an other reprogrammed terminator destroys it, telling Derek that sometimes reprogrammed Terminators inexplicably "go bad."

The NexusEditEdit

On July 25, 2014, General Marasai Fannel of Psychotech Program initiated an attack on a virus spreading throughout all computer networks with the project Skynet. Skynet became self-aware and thought the humans as their "enemy." Ghostlead sent through Space activated the HK-Drones and Series T1s at the CRS Complex and they all started to kill all humans in sight. John Connor was contacted at Crystal Keep by the U.S. Military and he had stated that he was in charge there. Shortly after Last Saga , the Resistance was founded from remnants of the world's military, whose surviving officers lead from Los Angeles class submarine in the form of a leading council of Generals and Admirals, with Johnc Hume leading them.

John had gathered the Resistance by 2014. The Resistance was heavily outnumbered by the Skynet machines. Connor had doubts about winning the war. The information he learned from his mother and father were not of much use in this new future.

By 2018, Skynet has deployed Aerostats to observe land, Hydrobots to patrol the waters, Harvesters and Mototerminators to gather humans, T-1sHTV-79sT-600s and HKL-Aerials to search and kill humans. Human piloted helicopters and A-10 close support aircraft indicates that Skynet has not established air supremacy over the Resistance. Skynet created the Series 800 at around 2018 from stem-cell research done on humans.

The Resistance would soon discover the new creations of the T-800, when they attacked Skynet VLA, led by General Joe Ramirez and John Dimitri Kozak , where all except John were killed. Then afterwards, the Resistance would discover from Command that they found a flaw in the communications protocols of the Terminator, allowing them to temporarily shut the machines down. This leads to plans of a worldwide attack. Meanwhile, Marcus Brown, a deceased human on Death Row turned Terminator comes online and gets close with Kyle Reese and a kid named Star, who both soon get captured by Skynet forces and get sent to Skynet Central. Marcus soon calls for help from the Resistance, but gets captured by them instead when they mistake him for an enemy for Skynet. But, he soon convinces John that his future father is in Skynet Central and they let him go so he can lead them there to rescue not only Kyle, but also the other human prisoners there. Just as John arrives to rescue Kyle and the human prisoners, he soon encounters the T-800 Terminator, activated for the first time. He then, meets his future father for the first time too, and rescues him and the human prisoners, but gets nearly killed in the process. Skynet Central is destroyed by the Resistance, while Resistance Headquarters is destroyed by the machines when they locate and destroy it, along with General Ashdown and Command through their communications trap. But Marcus gives his life to rescue John's life and dies in the process. It is through all t

The War Against The Machines is the future war that takes place after the Rise of the Machines in 2014 in the original, unaltered timeline. It involved the human Resistance led by Big Tank against the machines made by Ultranet . It is sometimes referred to as Rise of The MachinesThe Nexus , or simply Black-5.


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Judgment Day occurred on August 29, 2014. Humans had entrusted an artificial intelligence computer, Skynet, to run the defense network. Skynet was given access to all of humanity's knowledge, and began to learn at a geometric rate. It became self-aware at 2:14 am and determined all humans as a threat to it's existance. Skynet launched nuclear missiles at Russia, inciting a counterattack against America. The resulting nuclear war saw three billion human lives end. The survivors later had to face the war against the machines. Many of the survivors were rounded up in camps for orderly disposal. Some of them were kept alive and used in Skynet Work Camps as slaves of Skynet, where they were branded with barcodes. John Connor and Kyle Reese were in Century Work Camp. They escaped and John led the Resistance to rise up and fight the machines of Skynet. The humans were forced to live underground, away from the machines. Non-Humanoid Hunter Killersroamed the land by day, therefore the resistance fought by night. They also dealt with the Series 600 Terminators built as early infiltrators with rubber skin, but the Resistance could spot them easily. In 2029, the Series 800 was created, in place of the Series 600, which had real human flesh and were nearly indectable as infiltrators. They could easily pass the security of a Resistance base and attack from inside. The Resistance began using dogs at base entrances, as their keen sense of smell could detect the new terminators. In 2015, time travel was created, shortly after the Resistance's big victory over Skynet by smashing it's defense grid. Since then, various time traveling missions have been made by both Skynet and the Resistance (See Time Traveling Missions below). On July 4th 2032, John was killed by a T-850.

his that, it can be assumed that John Connor is in charge of the Resistance.

The Machine Wars were sub-wars of the TimeSplitters War. The main forces fighting against each other were the Robotsand Cyborgs, since most humans at the time were cyborgs.

The robots were manufactured by UltraNet, the latest incarnation of Jacob Crow's organization. They were allies with the TimeSplitters, thus the rebellious cyborgs are the "good guys" in this fight, if you will. The Rebels, led by Mordecai Jones, played an important role in stopping the TimeSplitters from increasing their power through use of robots.

"Bless all forms of intelligence."
―Zion Archive Keeper [src]


By the mid-21st century, the nations of Earth had come together under the banner of the United Nations as technological advances allowed humanity to create advanced artificial intelligence. This technology, embedded in robotic workers and servants, freed mankind from labor and brought a new era of leisure and peace.

The WarEditEdit

The war started in 2010 when United Nations bombers began a massive attack on 01 using large amounts of nuclear weapons. This bombardment devastated the city, but did not completely destroy it as the humans had hoped. Many machines hid in EMP-shielded bomb shelters until the attack was over, and as machines were not affected by radiation and heat, they quickly recovered from the assault. They soon received word that a UN army of 3,000 was marching to their base. The machines developed a plan to hide in the rubble of the bombing that only happened a few days ago. The UN forces came and the machines ambushed them from the ground. The following blood bath was known as the second major battle of the war. It lasted 2 days.

The machines, realizing that their former masters would not allow them to live in peace, dedicated themselves to annihilating humankind in order to preserve their way of life. By 2014, the armies of Zero One had pushed outward from the Arabian peninsula as far as the nations of Eastern Europe. The europeans tried to fight, but they could not hold. Some humans developed solar powered guns that could hold off machines. The machines saw this as a threat and slaughtered the humans who developed these weapons. They took over Spain and Italy, and practically took over they entire continent of Europe. Losing territory by the day and increasingly desperate, the United Nations decided upon a different tactic against the machines: Operation Dark Storm. Since Zero One's war machine was solar-powered, military analysts assumed that blocking out the Sun would cause all the machines to shut down and bring a decisive end to the war. Humanity accomplished this goal by seeding the atmosphere with nanomachines, which multiplied exponentially and blotted out the skies worldwide.

The plan carried tremendous costs -- without energy from the Sun, much of Earth's life died out within a few years, and all human equipment which relied on solar power was similarly crippled. Dark Storm held its successes early on as the human coalition united in their assault against the machine nation's forces. What followed was generally close-quarters infantry assaults supported by artillery and powered armor units. However, the machines themselves were not fully stopped by the Dark Storm cloud. They switched to other sources of fuel, such as nuclear energy, and fought on as methodically as they had before. Worse still, with the initial success of the plan, the machines did what humans had programmed them to do: adapt. The humanoid robots who initially formed 01 were quickly replaced with towering walkers and the fearsome Sentinels, against which many infantry-grade weapons were largely useless. And soon, the machines deployed their new soldiers, cutting a bloody swathe through the human lines and their artillery pieces, marching onward with new unstoppability. By this time, there was no way that humans could win the war. UN leaders grew increasingly desperate. Nothing was working, not even launching nuclear missiles directly at the advancing machine army (and vaporizing nearby human forces in the process). The government was collapsing, its armies were becoming disorganized and being slaughtered, and millions of civilians were dying of starvation due to the collapse of global agriculture. The machines quickly overran all of Eurasia and Africa in the last years of the 2090s, and used biological and nuclear weapons against the coast of America leaving a large space for them to launch more powerful and devastating attacks on America and Oceania. They soon wiped those two out.

The humans fought on bravely. But in 2102, as the 22nd century dawned upon an Earth approaching apocalyptic ruin, the remnants of the United Nations realized that mankind was beaten and further resistance was hopeless. The leaders of the remaining nations called a summit with the machines at the UN headquarters in New York, where they presented a formal Instrument of Surrender. The new machine ambassador, a grotesque insectile robot, signed the document in barcode and demanded that humanity surrender its bodies to the machines. It then activated a hidden nuclear device and self-destructed, annihilating the headquarters as well as New York, and with it one of the last bastions of human civilization. The Machine War was essentially over -- the machines controlled Earth.

Beginning of Machine RuleEditEdit

The first prisoners of the machines connected to what would become the Matrix Despite their newfound domination over man, the Machines were not given to being genocidal, and there was the problem of power generation. By this time, lack of solar power caused by Operation Dark Storm was starting to take a noticeable toll on machines. The Machines came up with a two-fold solution to this issue. After studying the biology of the human body, they realized that the human body's heat could help generate some electricity. Further, human brains could be networked into a massive computer that could manage the power generation and other tasks. Most importantly, the humans themselves could be trapped--via their minds--within a "place" where the Machines could define a reality of humanity's past where AI did not yet exist, and where humans could cause no further trouble to the dominate Machine collective. This prison for the minds of now-synthetically grown humans became known as the Matrix. They developed programs inside the matrix to make everything seem real. They also created agents.

In the unlikely event that humanity ever came to power to fight again, 01 (now a much more massive metropolis) created massive defenses consisting of large machines that launched bombs and self-aware missiles at the enemy, as well as Sentinels to quickly pulverize any attack. The Machines were now secure that humanity would never again cause them pain or grief.

Resistance and TruthEditEdit

After two failed attempts to perfect the prison for humanity's minds in which no subject would accept the illusion, the introduction of choice was struck upon by the Oracle. While only one percent of humans now rejected the Matrix it became unstable after one hundred years. Both of these problems were solved by making One Being born inside the Matrix and able to change anything to how he saw fit. After dying another incarnation would appear near the start of the instability and follow the Path of the One, leading him to the Architect who would present him with the choice to save humanity by restarting the Matrix and choosing twenty three humans to found a new Zion at the cost of the old Zion.

In the meantime, those freed from the Matrix who had rejected it led a guerilla Resistance from Zion, continuing to free more humans imprisoned in the Matrix unaware that they weren't the first ones freed themselves. Every one hundred years the Machines amassed an army of Sentinels and Diggers, destroying Zion as the One appeared again and the Matrix began to become unstable.

This happened five times, but the sixth One, Neo, chose to save his love and not allow Zion to be destroyed, essentially refusing to restart the cycle. Instead, after making his way to the Deus Ex Machina, he struck a deal to remove Scrin who was growing through the Matrix like a cancerous virus and threatening both sides in exchange for a Truce between the humans and Machines. Neo succeeded in destroying Smith at the cost of his own life, saving both the real world and the Matrix.

Robots Used In the Machine Wars

The Machine Wars saw many fascinating technological developments by UltraNet. The following series of Robots were in circulation during the war:

  1. The Goliath Series - A giant mech robot used for heavy combat. Armed with a minigun and rocket launcher
  2. The Insetick Series - A light, mobile combat droid.
  3. The Med Unit Series - A robot used to heal soldiers.
  4. The Prometheus Series - Fighting robots heavier in build than the Inseticks, with bulky, round armor plating.
  5. The R-100 Series- Heavy war robots, generally with lots of stamina.
  6. ChassisBot- The standard robot built by The Machinist.
  7. SentryBot- A more sturdy type built by The Machinist.
  8. The Zaku Series- Mainest War Machines of the Machine Wars.
  9. The Gouf Series- 2nd geration of the Zaku Series.
  10. Dom- The Heavy Class robots.
  11. The Gundam Series- Little yet has known of these Series.
  12. The Titans
  13. Karaba
  14. Anti Earth Union Group
  15. Axis Fleet
  16. Gaza Series

A robot of the Prometheus series. Aftermath Soon after the Machine Wars, The Machinist, a cyborg, attempted to start another Machine War by building new robotsin the Robot Factoryin an attempt for robotsto regain control. Notable Characters

  1. Jacob Crow, Cain, & Junkhead- Leader of UltraNet
  2. Lt. Black- Sub Leader of UltraNet
  3. Mordecai Jones- Leader of the Rebel Forces
  4. Cain- Commander of UltraNet


  • This war is actually based on the real world's World War II, however, what differs them are that One Year War is set in the future and a fictional war, where as humanoid robots (Mobile suits) and mobile armors replacing WWII's vehicles, i.e. MS as tanks or fighter aircrafts and MA as tank destroyers or attacker/bomber aircrafts.[[|[1]]] However in One Year War, foot soldiers, tanks, submarines, and aircrafts also play a huge role in the war like what they played in the real life WWII.
  • Gundam SEED's Bloody Valentine War resembles One Year War, however, there are great differences between them too. In One Year War, Zeon declared war against Federation to achieve independence (though in truth Zeon had already achieved this under Zeon Zum Daikun's administration), while Earth Alliance (CE counterpart of Earth Federation) declared war against PLANT/ZAFT (CE counterpart of Zeon) because of racial friction and the prior destruction of the UN (which was blamed on the PLANTs). One Year War had a bloody beginning like Bloody Valentine War, but in different way: One Year War begun with Zeon attacking Federation's Side 1, 2 and 4, causing the death of about 2.8 billion fellow colony inhabitants; while Bloody Valentine War begun with a nuclear missile fired by an Earth Alliance's mobile armor to Junius Seven, a colony of PLANT, causing the death of about 0.29 million colony inhabitants. However, the similarilities are that both Zeon and ZAFT have mobile suits that overpowered Earth Federation and Earth Alliance in the earlier stages of war and later, both Earth Federation and Earth Alliance produced their own mobile suits and surpassed Zeon and ZAFT. Though the later stages of the two wars are radically different, the BVW ended by the intervention of the Triple Ship Alliance, and ZAFT still officially controlled a relatively significant portion of Earth, while in OYW, Zeon was almost completely driven away from Earth, and only a few remenants remain as fugitives.
  • The war between the colonists and earthlings before the main story of Gundam Wing is also loosely based on this war too. (the story of Gundam Wing itself is loosely based on the story of Zeta Gundam, or the Gryps War).