"The reason the Jedi Civil War was named such was because few in the galaxy can recognize the difference between the Sith and the Jedi. To them, they are both Jedi—with different philosophies."

The Jedi Civil War, also known as the Second Sith War, the Old Republic Insurrection, and by the Mandalorians as the War of the Star Forge, was a devastating conflict that began when the Jedi Knight Revan, who had led the forces of the Galactic Republic to victory in the Mandalorian Wars, founded a new Sith Empire and declared himself the Dark Lord of the Sith. The war began when he, along with his friend and apprentice Darth Malak, led an invasion of the Galactic Republic in the year 3,959 BBY. With the aid of veterans from the Mandalorian Wars and a host of Dark Jedi converts that had served with them, the former Jedi hoped to take over the Republic in anticipation of a greater threat, that posed by the True Sith who lurked within the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

During the war, Darth Revan nearly succeeded in conquering the Republic, however, a trap set by the Jedi and unwittingly abetted by Malak left him comatose, with his mind nearly destroyed. Barely alive, he was taken from the wreckage by the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, whose skills in battle meditation and the Force had allowed the mission to happen. Taken to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Revan was healed by the Jedi Council and reprogrammed to believe that he was an agent loyal to the Republic and placed under the command of Shan, who was then placed aboard the Endar Spire. In 3,956 BBY, with the intention of drawing out Revan's fragmented memories of the Star Forge, the vast space station that was the source of the seemingly endless resources of the Sith, he was taken to the ecumenopolis of Taris where a Sith fleet under the direct command of Malak was waiting in ambush.

Eventually escaping from Taris, Revan, along with Shan, the Republic commander Carth Onasi, and several others, fled to the Dantooine Academy, where the Jedi Masters there retrained him. After several weeks, the Dantooine Council sent him and the crew of the Ebon Hawk back out into the wider galaxy to track down the Star Forge's location, at the heart of the ancient Infinite Empire of the Rakata. Later, after a number of ancient Star Maps had been uncovered, Malak led an attack against the Enclave, devastating it and further crippling the Jedi Order. After finding the last Star Map and, from it, deducing the location of the Rakatan homeworld of Lehon, Revan, the Jedi, and the Republic launched the war's final battle. With Malak dead, the Star Forge destroyed, and the Sith fleet scattered and defeated, the long and costly war came to an end.


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� The Mandalorian Neo-CrusadesEdit

"Malak and Revan were once part of the Jedi Order, but they were young and headstrong. And against the wishes of the Council they went to battle the Mandalorians on the Outer Rim."
―Carth Onasi[src]

[1][2]Mandalore the Ultimate.The seeds of the Jedi Civil War were sown nearly twenty years before the conflict would come to pass. Beginning in 3,976 BBY, the Mandalorians, a race of warriors that descended from the Taung of ancient Coruscant, embarked upon a second campaign of conquest after reforging themselves in the wake of the defeat of the Sith Lord Exar Kun during the Great Sith War. Taking worlds and ravaging colonies throughout the galaxy beyond the edge of Republic space, the many clans of Neo-Crusaders, under the leadership of Mandalore the Ultimate, carved out a territory greater than that ruled by the Hutts in the span of little more than a decade.[15]

After hearing of what was happening beyond the Outer Rim Territories, the Galactic Senate initially declined to respond, choosing not to act in the defense of planets outside of the Republic's borders. Many senators, still weary of war after the devastation wrought by Kun and the Krath Holy Crusade, did not wish to subject their constituents to yet another conflict unless the Mandalorians threatened the Republic itself. Once he felt that his clans were sufficiently battle-hardened, Mandalore soon obliged them, taking up the secret offer of the Sith to challenge a worthy foe.[16] Launching a three-pronged invasion in 3,963 BBY. Mandalorian fleets poured into Republic space through invasion corridors blazed through adjacent sectors along the Outer Rim, sparking the Mandalorian Wars.[1] In the opening battles of the conflict, particularly at the Battle of Serroco,[17] forces of the Republic Navy were overwhelmed by superior numbers and tactics. Despite these unfortunate events, the Jedi Council refused the Republic's desperate pleas for aid, sensing that there was another, hidden threat that had yet to reveal itself. Though many of the youngest and brightest members of the Jedi Order were eager to combat the Mandalorians, the Jedi Masters would not allow it, preferring to keep private their own fears and plans for war.[3][7]


"Who I am is not important, my message is."

The Battle of Cathar played a large part in changing the situation. During the Neo-Crusades that predated the invasion of the Republic, forces under the leadership of Cassus Fett, Mandalore's chief tactician, attacked the world of Cathar, enslaving and killing as many Cathar as possible. It was theorized later that this flagrant attack was one of many that were calculated to draw the Jedi into the conflict. The gamble paid off; after having revealed the truth about what really happened on Cathar, the young and charismatic Jedi Knight Revan—who became known as "The Revanchist"—[6] defied the Council and began to rally younger members of the Jedi Order, including his friend Alek Squinquargesimus, who began calling himself "Malak" during the wars, to his cause.[5] After lending their support to the battered Republic fleet, they soon proved to be more than capable commanders in the field, quickly rising through the ranks. Soon, they were given direct control over the entire Republic Navy. Revan used this newly-bestowed authority to spearhead the Republic war effort; under his inspired leadership, the all-but-defeated troops of the Republic recomposed themselves and began to push the Mandalorians back.[3]

At some point during the Mandalorian Wars, Revan and Malak found a Rakatan Star Map in the ancient burial mounds on Dantooine, near the Jedi Enclave. After successfully passing the "trials" set for them by the guard droid that had been left behind by the so called "builders," they were given access to the Star Map. Moments before they went beyond the door that led to the dark side artifact, however, Malak warned Revan that stepping beyond this threshold would mean that they could never return to the Jedi Order. Whether or not Revan considered this, or even cared, as he paced in front of the sealed door is unknown; but if he had any doubts, he swiftly cast them aside.[5] Later during the wars, in the year 3,961 BBY, Revan found another Star Map on the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk.[5] Some time during that same year, Revan visited the forgotten Sith world of Malachor V while scouting for new outposts along the embattled Outer Rim. Upon landing on the planet's surface, he was nearly destroyed by the resonance of ancient dark side power that lingered there. He managed to survive the encounter through sheer force of will, but he did not escape unscathed. Having embraced the dark side in the wake of his near-fatal brush with it, Revan continued to explore the harsh surface, eventually stumbling upon the Trayus Academy. An abandoned training center built by an ancient Sith faction known only as the True Sith , it had lain dormant for millennia. While unearthing the planet's buried secrets, Revan learned the exact location and significance of the planet Korriban, the homeworld of the Sith species.[1] In addition, he discovered evidence that the ancient Sith still existed beyond the boundaries of known space and continued to pose a threat to the galaxy.[7]

Defeat of the MandaloriansEdit

[3][4]The Trayus Academy on Malachor V.:"The Mandalorian Wars were a series of massacres that masked another war, a war of conversion, culminating in a final atrocity that no Jedi could walk away from—save one."

―Kreia to the Jedi Council, referring to the Exile[src]

After a series of bitterly-contested battles on Dxun and Althir, the war's climax was fast approaching.[4] As the fighting reached a fever pitch, Revan began to devise a way to end the war before the Republic was too weakened by the conflict to face the threat that was to come. Working in secret, he built a new Sith academy over the crumbling ruins of the older complex on Malachor V, and used the dark side energies contained within to bind the most trusted of his Force-sensitive followers to his will. These beings became the building blocks of the order of the Sith Assassins—a group that he kept secret even from Malak.[7] In addition, Revan also commissioned the creation of HK-47 and other assassin droids like him to carry out politically-motivated assassinations all over the galaxy.[1][18]

In 3,960 BBY, Revan forced a final confrontation with the Mandalorians above Malachor V. During the battle, Revan lured Mandalore into a direct confrontation, facing and overcoming the Mandalorian leader in single combat.[4] Meanwhile, more and more of the Jedi fighting in orbit found themselves unable to resist the call of the power emanating from the planet below and were thus drawn to the dark side.[1] After ending the Mandalorian Wars with a resounding, if very costly victory thanks to the activation of the Mass Shadow Generator by one of his Jedi generals, Revan and Malak led the remainder of their forces into the Unknown Regions under the pretense of tracking down the remnants of the Mandalorian Fleet. As time went by without any word from the Jedi who had won the war for them, the Republic feared that they and the soldiers under them had been lost in some great, unknown disaster in the depths of unexplored space.[7]

Return of the SithEdit

"After Malachor, after the Mandalorian Wars, that's when the Sith teachings started spreading through the ranks. We knew where our loyalties lay—to the Jedi who came to help us, not the ones who sat back on Dantooine and Coruscant, watching us die."
―Atton Rand[src]

Immediately after the victory at Malachor V, the teachings of the dark side began to filter down through the rank-and-file of the Republic military that had been placed under the direct command of Revan and Malak. Nearly all of those who had served under him swore their loyalty to Revan over that of the rest of the Republic and the Jedi Order; among them were included some of the top military leaders of the Army and Navy, such as General Derred, and Mon Halan. As they forsook their oaths and followed him beyond known space, Revan's corruption spread downward, forming the core of his new Sith Empire.[7]

� Into the Unknown RegionsEdit

In the months that followed, the Jedi received numerous unsubstantiated reports that Revan and Malak had been spotted on various Republic worlds even while the fleet they commanded seemed to have vanished utterly. It would later be revealed, however, that they were completing a survey of planets that they had learned were once under the dominion of the long-forgotten Rakatan Infinite Empire. They visited the worlds where the three remaining Star Maps could be found; Korriban, the Selkath homeworld Manaan, and the desert world Tatooine were all visited by the two former Knights in the hopes of finding clues to the location of an ancient Rakatan superweapon. As they had hoped, Revan and Malak eventually found the key that would grant them access to enough power to topple the Republic, in the form of the Star Forge.[3][4]

Fueled by the dark side and drawing raw materials from the star over which it had been constructed, the space station was both an automated factory and battle dreadnaught, capable of manufacturing a virtually endless supply of ships, droids, and other materials of war rapidly and on an unprecedented scale. In the hands of Revan, the Star Forge would become the heart of a new Sith war effort. From the upper levels of the factory complex, which was hidden within the unmapped Rakata system, Revan founded his new empire, bringing with him all those who had sworn their service to his cause.[3] Revan and Malak returned to Korriban, and seized control of the tombworld, establishing a new Sith Academy.[5]

Early campaignsEdit

The shipyards of FoerostEdit

"Three years ago, Revan and Malak returned at the head of a massive invasion fleet. Revan had assumed the title of Sith Lord; the hero had become a conqueror."
Main article: Battle of Foerost (Jedi Civil War)

Located in the Deep Core, the shipyards at Foerost was one of the largest such facilities in use by the Republic Navy. Forty years prior, during the height of the Great Sith War, the yards had been raided by a combined force of Krath and Mandalorians, during which they stole approximately three hundred warships for use in an attack on Coruscant.[19] When Revan and Malak, now called Darth Revan and Darth Malak, declared themselves to be the new Dark Lords of the Sith, one of their first overt acts was to execute a repeat of this raid; using codes given to them by Saul Karath, Sith bombers passed through the perimeter sensor nets without being detected and began ravaging the inner defenses. As the Republic attempted to mount a defense, many of their warships were boarded and seized by Sith troopers; these newly-commandeered vessels were quick to join with the fleet of Sith vessels that had arrived to ensure the success of the raid. Thusly armed, the forces under the two former Jedi began their assault on the unsuspecting galaxy.[3][4]

Corporate allianceEdit

"This is our sector headquarters, in fact. Rather inauspicious, isn't it?"
―A Czerka Corporation businessman welcomes Revan to Korriban[src]
Main articles: Battle of Czerka 431 and Skirmish in AB-343

[5][6]Darths Revan and Malak, newly proclaimed Dark Lords of the Sith.Seeing the need for corporate assistance in providing necessary materiél for the war effort, Revan entered into a partnership with Czerka Corporation, a galaxy-spanning conglomerate with such diverse interests as mining, slaving, and manufacturing items such as arms, armor, and droids. Offered a trade monopoly within Sith space, the corporation helped to sponsor the establishment and growth of the Dreshdae colony on Korriban as part of their supply network. The corporation continued to provide logistical support for the Sith Empire throughout the course of the war.[3]

Pollard Seario was one such high-ranking corporate officer; he offered control of one of the corporation's hidden military research facilities, dubbed Czerka 431 to the Sith. Among the activities performed there included experiments on Juggernaut war droids, performed by scientist Joni Ree. Ree, hoping to help the Republic, provided the outpost's location, hoping to escape in the ensuing attack. The Republic sent a small force, which succeeded in destroying the base.[11] Ree, along with three other soldiers, was then sent by the Republic to AB-343, which they had captured near the start of the war, in order to acquire any possible intelligence. Not wishing to reveal their alliance, the Sith sent an assassin to eliminate the team. The GenoHaradan bounty hunter guild also sent an assassin, as they believed that it was in their best interest for the alliance between Czerka and the Sith to remain unknown. The two assassins, upon finding their marks, proceeded to launch an attack.[20]

Bombardment of TelosEdit

"I told you about my homeworld. Telos. Four years ago, Saul led the Sith fleet there and demanded its surrender. The planet refused and Saul proceeded to devastate its entire surface. Millions died. I had... a wife and son on Telos. I thought they would be safe there. But my task force arrived too late to be of much help. We didn't have enough medical supplies. The colony was burning and the dying were everywhere. I remember holding my wife and screaming for the medics. They… didn't come in time."
―Carth Onasi[src]
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In the year 3,958 BBY, Admiral Saul Karath openly declared his intent to abandon the Republic he had once served. As a test of his loyalty, he was ordered by Darth Malak to bombard the strategically-placed Republic world of Telos IV. Given command of a fleet of Sith warships, Karath surrounded the planet and demanded that its government surrender. After being rebuffed by the local government, he ordered his fleet to commence a devastating orbital bombardment. The resulting attack was carried out with brutal efficiency, scourging the surface of the once-lush and prosperous world of all animal and plant life and causing the atmosphere to degrade into a miasma of toxic vapors that produced acid rain. While some citizens were able to escape on intra-system shuttles, millions were killed, and many more died soon after due to medical supply shortages and the after-effects of the bombardment. Karath's forces, meanwhile, departed the system, allowing the evacuation ships to survive unmolested so that the refugees contained therein would stand as testimony to what the Sith were capable of. A nearby Republic task force, with which the Commander Carth Onasi was serving, arrived in the system shortly afterward, but by then it was too late to do anything more than ensure the evacuees were able to reach safety.[4]

Strike on IridoniaEdit

Main article: Battle of Iridonia (Jedi Civil War)

The Sith were interested in capturing the Zabrak homeworld, Iridonia and in destroying the Republic fleet based there, so they sent the former Jedi, Acaadi, to prepare the planet for an attack. He infiltrated a band of Mandalorians, who had been stranded on the planet following the Mandalorian Wars. Over the next few months, they came under Acaadi's leadership and he had them destroy a Republic military communications center on the planet, in preparation for the Sith attack. Afterward, Acaadi no longer needed the Mandalorians, so he rid himself of them by having some of them run into his old comrade, the Jedi Duqua Dar. Acaadi then killed the Mandalorians and rescued Dar from them, before proceeding to persuade him that the Jedi were holding him back and that he should leave the Order. They were overheard by a group of Jedi and spacers, who had been working with Dar, and Acaadi and Dar were forced to flee. They made their way to a secret hangar on the edge of the city of Wortan and Dar waited there along with some Sith commandos, while Acaadi and some commandos flew off in a shuttle to sabotage the flagship of the Republic fleet above Iridonia, Champion of Iridonia. The Jedi and spacers arrived and tried to persuade Dar that Acaadi had tricked him. They fought and killed the commandos, before learning of Acaadi's plan.[13]

The Jedi flew to the Champion, to warn its commander, Admiral Rokon, of what Acaadi was going to do. Acaadi spoke into a security camera and revealed that he and his commandos were already sabotaging the ship and that it was too late. At that moment, about a dozen Sith ships arrived and engaged the Republic fleet. The Jedi confronted and defeated Acaadi and the commandos, ending the immediate threat to the Champion. The result of the battle is unknown, although a number of Republic ships defected to the Sith during the course of it.[13]

The capture of Darth RevanEdit

Main article: Capture of Darth Revan

[7][8]Bastila Shan's strike team confronts Darth Revan.::"I ordered my own ships to fire on your bridge. I thought I could destroy all my enemies with a single glorious stroke! I never dreamed the Jedi would take you alive from the wreckage."

―Darth Malak to Revan[src]

Two years later, the war continued, with the Republic barely holding itself together beneath the hammer blows of Darth Revan and Darth Malak's armadas. In the hopes of ushering in a new phase of the war, or at least to give them breathing space, the Jedi Council drafted a plan by which they could capture both Sith Lords, thus depriving the Sith of their greatest leader and tactician.[3] A two-part plan was put into action; first, a group of Republic operatives aided by a pair of Jedi acquired data on the Sith Lord's fleet on Sernpidal. With this data, the Jedi and Republic, aided by the talents of a young Jedi Knight named Bastila Shan, who had mastered the art of battle meditation at a young age, a small force of Republic warships engaged the fleet of Darths Revan and Malak.[21] While the two sides fought, Shan, accompanied by a number of Jedi Knights, boarded Revan's flagship, overcoming his guards and cornering the Dark Lord on the bridge of his command ship. However, Malak became aware of what was happening and, in a bold maneuver, he ordered the ships under his command to fire upon the bridge of his mentor, intending to kill not only the Jedi boarding party, but his own friend in order to claim the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith for himself.[3]

Unknown to the newly self-proclaimed Dark Lord, however, Revan was still very much alive. As the only other survivor of the attack unleashed by Malak, Shan used the Force to preserve the flicker of life that still remained within the unconscious Dark Lord. This act caused the formation of a near-physical bond, linked through the Force, between the two, an event that would have lasting repercussions though nobody knew it at the time. Hoping to save his life and, perhaps, bring about his redemption, Shan took Revan's body from the wreckage of the warship's command deck, escaping from the battle and bringing him to the Dantooine Enclave Council. The Jedi Masters there, Vandar Tokare, Vrook Lamar, Zhar Lestin, and Dorak, used their own mastery of the Force to not only heal Revan's wounded body and mind, but to gain access to and erase his remaining memories of having been the Dark Lord.[3][6]

The investigation of NyriaanEdit

Following a vision that he had had of the planet Nyriaan, the Sith Lord Darth Glovoc decided to travel there, aboard his flagship, the Interdictor-class cruiser Dying Sun. The Sun arrived near Nyriaan and carried out a detailed scan of the area surrounding the planet. However, ship's the active sensors were detected by the Republic, which sent a strike force to attack the cruiser. With Glovoc concentrating all of his attention on Nyriaan, the Sith did not detect the approaching Republic ships until it was too late for them to escape The resulting battle was very violent and the Sith succeeded in destroying three Republic cruisers and many Republic starfighters. However, the Republic forces inflicted heavy fire on the Dying Sun and fired many torpedos at it. The ship was crippled and eventually became caught in Nyriaan's gravity well. It broke up into several pieces, which then fell to the planet's surface. The Republic forces declared that they had been victorious in the battle and never investigated what the Dying Sun had been doing at Nyriaan, assuming that it had just been hiding there to avoid discovery.[14]

A new Dark LordEdit

Shifting prioritiesEdit

[9][10]Darth Malak leads Sith troopers and Dark Jedi into battle.::"It's obvious that Malak is a ruthless tyrant who'll crush any one who stands in his way… just like Revan was. Experience has shown that the Sith won't stop until the Republic lies in ruins."

―Carth Onasi[src]

Though the ultimate objective of that mission had been successful, the result of their efforts ended up backfiring on both the Jedi and the Republic. Emboldened by his seizure of the Sith crown, Malak continued on the crusade began by his former mentor. Although he was far from Revan's equal in strategy or tactics, and was also unaware of Revan's many secret dealings and projects, such as the Sith assassins and the academy at Malachor V, the new Dark Lord did have numbers—and the Star Forge—on his side. Even as he shifted the scope of his military campaign from one of conquest and conversion to a series of massacres intended to demonstrate his resolve, Malak undertook an active side quest aimed at capturing or eliminating the Jedi Bastila Shan, whose battle meditation he both coveted and feared. The new Dark Lord reasoned that, if he could not have her and her talents at his side, then she had to die in order to secure the chances of success for his war to seize the galaxy.[3]

As the Jedi worked on the severely-wounded Revan, planting within him the belief that he was a loyal soldier of the Republic serving under Shan's command,[22] Malak prepared a trap of his own, which he sprung on the small Republic fleet led by the Endar Spire, a Hammerhead-class cruiser, over the Outer Rim ecumenopolis of Taris. In the skirmish that resulted, Shan, Revan, and Carth Onasi, along with a small number of Republic soldiers and crewers, escaped the doomed vessel, landing in different spots on the surface of Taris; Shan landed somewhere in the Lower City while the pod containing Onsai and Revan impacted upon a pedestrian walkway in the Upper City. While Shan was taken prisoner by the swoop gang known as the Black Vulkars, who intended to sell her into slavery, Onasi pulled an unconscious Revan from their pod and hid out in an abandoned apartment, where he remained in a coma for three days.[23] [11][12]Revan and Carth Onasi's escape pod flees the destroyed Endar Spire.Even as the Endar Spire was being turned into free-floating hydrogen, space and ground forces under the command of Malak were taking control of Taris and instituting a planet-wide quarantine, circling the planet with a fleet of Sith warships whose auto-targeting laser cannons could obliterate any vessel that attempted to leave the surface. With little else to do, Carth, along with Revan's new identity, began to search Taris for clues as to what had happened to Shan, believing her to be the key to eventually stopping the Sith—if that was even possible. Eventually, working with members of the Hidden Beks gang and with help from the streetwise duo of Mission Vao and Zaalbar, the two Republic soldiers were able to gain an approximation of where Shan was being held and why—as the Vulkars' share of the victory prize for the Tarisian Season Opener swoop race. Seeing a chance to rescue her, Revan accepted Gadon Thek's offer to infiltrate the Black Vulkars' base in order to retake a prototype swoop engine accelerator that had been stolen from the Beks; in return, Thek, leader of the Beks, would let Revan enter the swoop race under the Bek banner. After winning the race with a surprising upset, ostensibly having never piloted swoop bikes before, Revan was accused by the Vulkars' leader, Brejik, of cheating; when Brejik refused to release the hitherto unconscious Shan, she used the Force to free herself. In the firefight that followed, Brejik and many of his Vulkars were dead, leaving Shan and Revan free to return to the apartment where Onasi, Vao and Zaalbar were hiding out.[3]

Revan's reemergenceEdit

"Ah, yes, now I recognize your companion. You're the rider who won the big swoop race, very impressive! As was your display in the rather heated battle afterward."
―Davik Kang[src]
Main article: Rescue of Bastila Shan

The actions at the swoop race caused quite a stir among the criminal element on Taris, attracting the attention of the Mandalorian mercenary Canderous Ordo, who up to that point had been working as the personal enforcer for crime lord and Exchange boss Davik Kang alongside the recently-hired famed bounty hunter Calo Nord. Sensing an opportunity to further his own interests, since Kang had not been paying him the credits that had been promised, Ordo offered Revan a deal: in exchange for the party breaking into the Sith-controlled military base on Taris and stealing the codes necessary for a ship to leave unmolested by the Sith in orbit, he would offer them access to their ticket out, Kang's personal starship, the Dynamic-class freighter Ebon Hawk. With the aid of the custom-built astromech droid T3-M4, Revan, Shan, and Onasi were able to enter the base.[24] After clearing it out and defeating the Sith Governor in charge, the trio met up with Ordo at Javyar's Cantina in the Lower City. The mercenary then took Revan to Kang's estate, ostensibly in order to recruit him into the Exchange, however it was instead a ruse to get them inside. Once Kang had left, the party set out to steal the Ebon Hawk.[3] Around this time, a group of six Mandalorian mercenaries stranded on Taris attacked a Sith Marauder and a number of Sith troopers in a newly-established Sith outpost on the planet.[25]

Meanwhile, in orbit, Malak was growing frustrated at the fruitless search for Shan. As a last-ditch measure, and in keeping with his personality, he ordered Admiral Saul Karath to begin a systematic bombardment of the planet. A somewhat hesitant Admiral Karath complied, noting that it would take several hours to reposition the fleet in order to conduct such an operation. This delay would prove to be costly, as it was during that time that Revan and Ordo succeeded in stealing Kang's prized freighter, eliminating the crime boss and, in appearance, Calo Nord as well, even as the Sith bombardment began. Flying amidst a deluge of turbolaser blasts that was fast turning the city-world into flaming rubble, the Ebon Hawk swooped by the apartment where the rest of Revan's companions were staying, picking them up and angling hard for the stars. As they made haste to ascend the planet's gravity well far enough to enter hyperspace, a sextet of Sith fighters began to give chase. Manning the freighter's dorsal gun turret, Revan was able to quickly dispatch the enemy starfighters, leaving the way clear for the ship to flee to Dantooine.[26] [13][14]The Leviathan bombards Taris.It was during his time on Taris that Revan began to experience odd flashes of his old memories; dreams at first, in which he witnessed snippets of the events which led up to his apparent death, these soon developed further. Upon first meeting Shan as his new self, Revan witnessed a vision of his capture, though he did not recognize its significance at the time. As soon as the Ebon Hawk landed at the Dantooine Enclave, Shan left the ship to speak with the Council there to report on what had happened upon and to the city-world—including what Revan had reported seeing. Nor was this the last sending, for soon after this both of them shared yet another memory, a vision in the form of a dream depicting Revan and Malak within a nearby set of ruins, who were seeking out "the secrets of the Star Forge".[3]

The Quest for the Star ForgeEdit

"Are you certain that Revan is truly dead? What if we undertake to train this one, and the Dark Lord should return?"
―Vrook Lamar[src]
Main articles: Rebellion on Kashyyyk and Raid on the Sith Embassy

Recognizing the significance of these visions, for it was what they had intended when wiping the memories of the captured and comatose Revan, the Dantooine Enclave Council debated whether or not to retrain the former Knight in the ways of the Jedi. Vrook was cautious, for he believed that there was a distinct possibility of Revan returning to his dark ways; however, after discussing the matter in private, it was decided by the Council to induct the amnesiac warrior back into their ranks. Over the following several weeks Revan went through intense remedial Jedi training, working with Shan under the supervision of Jedi Master Zhar Lestin.[27] After proving his knowledge of the Jedi code, constructing a new lightsaber, and seeking out and redeeming the fallen Cathar Jedi Juhani, Revan proved to Lestin that he was ready to become a Padawan; thus proven, he, Shan, and Onasi were sent out to investigate the ruins from the vision that the two Jedi had shared. What they found within confirmed what the Jedi Order had previously thought, that Revan and Malak, after falling to the dark side, had sought out and found the Star Forge by means of a series of Star Maps. Armed with this knowledge, they sent Revan, Shan, Onasi, Vao, Zaalbar, Ordo, and the redeemed Juhani out into the larger galaxy to discover where, precisely, the Star Forge was located—and to destroy it.[28]

As the party sought the Star Maps on Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Manaan and Korriban, word of Shan's escape from Taris reached Darth Malak, relayed by Calo Nord, who had narrowly escaped that world's destruction himself. Malak and Admiral Karath promptly hired the man to track the Jedi down, capturing her if at all possible while doing whatever was necessary to deal with her companions. It was also at this time that the first hints of a certain other being's survival came to the Dark Lord's attention as well, though this fact was kept in strictest confidence.[29] Throughout their quest, the party led by Revan ran into Sith agents, including detachments of Dark Jedi. After uncovering the first Star Map, hidden within the lair of a krayt dragon in the Eastern Dune Sea of Tatooine, Nord caught up with them. Aided by a quartet of Rodian and Aqualish thugs, he attempted to carry out his contract; the two Jedi and Onasi proved too much for them, however, and Nord, along with his hirelings, were slain. With nothing left to be done on the desert world, the crew of the Ebon Hawk departed for Kashyyyk. While on Tatooine the party was largely responsible for alleviating the threat posed by the Sand People to Czerka's mining and the citizens of Anchorhead, in addition to rescuing Mission Vao's brother Griff and a number of Jawas.[3][30] [15][16]The Wookiees rebel against their slavers.The Star Maps themselves seemed to be emanating their own dark side aura, as they affected the environment in their vicinity; on Tatooine, the dark side energies attracted one of the largest krayt ever seen by that time, while on Kashyyyk, it was theorized by the reclusive former Jedi Jolee Bindo, who joined Revan's party, that the ancient Rakatan monument was responsible for the dangerous nature of the Shadowlands, as the lower levels of the Wroshyr forests were dubbed. As Revan and his companions continued on their journey, they became caught up in the affairs of the locals; on Kashyyyk itself, Revan, with the help of Bindo and Zaalbar, thwarted the slave trade in Wookiees conducted by Czerka Corporation,[31]

On Manaan, where strict neutrality laws were enforced by the native Selkath under pain of kolto-export sanctions, Revan, Shan, and Onasi were forced to deal with a sort of shadow war waged by the Republic and Sith Empire's presence on the aquatic world. After raiding the local Sith Embassy in order to recover an encrypted data module for Roland Wann, the chief Republic diplomat, Revan was provided with the means to access the Hrakert Rift and the secret installation constructed there, where he believed that Manaan's relic was located. Once on the ocean floor, Revan cleared out the station, destroying its kolto-harvesting machinery in order to placate the Progenitor and gain access to the map. All was not as it seemed, however, because shortly thereafter he met up once again with Malak's Shadow Hand Darth Bandon, who had been sent after Shan by Malak once word of Calo Nord's death had reached the Dark Lord. In the melee that followed, Bandon and the pair of Dark Jedi accompanying him were killed.[3]

The Jedi Enclave is destroyedEdit

"Dantooine is an empty graveyard now. Nothing is there but a smoking ruin and the charred remains of your former Masters!"
―Admiral Saul Karath[src]
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Even as Revan and his companions followed their mission, Malak himself was preparing to attack the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. Though the dark side clouded their perception of future events, the Dantooine Council did have sufficient warning to successfully evacuate most of the important relics, holocrons, and other material stored there, as well as to retreat themselves. However, the Sith assault came too quickly for a general retreat; the Enclave itself was pulverized by an orbital strike even as Sith troops descended to the surface to subjugate that world. Many Jedi were killed in the onslaught; throughout the Sith occupation that followed, many civilians were rounded up, most of whom never returned. This sent shockwaves throughout the Order, further weakening it and the Republic; it would not be until well after the war that the Sith themselves would abandon the planet.[1][7]

Capture and revelationEdit

"What greater weapon is there than to turn an enemy to your cause? To use their own knowledge against them?"
―Bastila Shan[src]
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[17][18]The Leviathan chases the Ebon Hawk.Leaving the world of Manaan behind, the Ebon Hawk set course for the Sith tombworld of Korriban,[30] where they knew the last Star Map was to be found. However, the ship was intercepted en route by the Sith Interdictor-class cruiser Leviathan, the flagship of Saul Karath; after being yanked from hyperspace by the ship's gravity-well generator, the freighter was snagged by the capital ship's tractor beam. Even as they were being slowly dragged into the ship's main hangar, however, Onasi, Shan, and Revan busied themselves formulating a plan for escape; they soon decided that it would be best for another member of the party to use their own talents to either avoid or escape confinement, then liberate the rest of the crew from their holding cells.[32] Admiral Karath interrogated Revan, Shan and Onasi personally, informing them of the destruction of the Dantooine Enclave as he attempted to learn what mission the Jedi Council had sent them on; however, despite his torturing of Shan, the Sith fleet commander was unable to learn anything, and left the prisoners as they were tortured into unconsciousness.[33] During this, the Ebon Hawk crewmember succeeded in getting away from their guards. With the help of a Rodian captive, they were able to access the detention level computer system and unlock the holding cells and force cages that held the rest of the group.[3]

Now reunited, the crew planned the next phase of the breakout. While Revan, Shan and Onasi made their way to the ship's bridge in order to deactivate the tractor beam and open the hangar, Ordo led the rest of the crew in retaking the Ebon Hawk in order to prepare it for departure as quickly as possible. Carving their way through the Sith troops and Dark Jedi that swarmed the vessel's command deck, the lead party eventually had to don space suits and enter the bridge proper through an exterior accessway via an airlock on the ship's hull. Confronting Admiral Karath on the bridge deck, the party was offered a chance to surrender; the offer was rejected, however, prompting a furious fire-and-lightsaber fight that resulted in the Admiral's death. With his dying breaths, however, the onetime Republic officer told Onasi of his companion's true nature, but with little time to spare before Malak's imminent arrival, there was no chance to explain the situation. Making a break for it, the three fled back through the command deck and to the hangar level. Despite their haste, the trio was intercepted by the Dark Lord just meters away from where the Ebon Hawk was berthed. As surprised as he was amused at the events that had transpired since his betrayal, Malak gleefully filled Revan in on the details of who he was—and what he had been made into.[3]

The redemption of RevanEdit

"You cannot hide from what you once were, Revan! Recognize that you were once the Dark Lord—and know that I have taken your place!"
―Darth Malak[src]

Shan confirmed what the Dark Lord was saying, elaborating on her role in the trap that had been set, and the part she had played in saving Revan's life. Believing that she had his best interests at heart and had indeed been attempting to bring about his redemption, Revan forgave Shan; this incensed Malak, who condemned his former Master's attitude as weak and declaring that he had been right to take the mantle of Dark Lord from him. The two fought amongst the blast tunnels on the hangar level, with Revan driving Malak back, but the Dark Lord fought back hard. Catching up with the duelists, Shan, with Onasi watching helplessly, intervened, throwing her lightsaber at the Sith Lord as she interposed herself into the fight and urged the pair to flee to the Ebon Hawk and find the Star Forge. Onasi and Revan did so; as the freighter escaped into hyperspace, the party came to grips with what had been revealed. Distrustful at first in the wake of this revelation, Onasi relented when the rest of the crew sided with Revan. With Shan captured, the party had little choice but to press on to Korriban and uncover the final Map.[3][30]

A barren world that radiated with the dark side, Korriban's only features at that time were the small spaceport located at the Dreshdae settlement and operated by the ubiquitous Czerka Corporation. Also evident was the nearby Sith Academy. Since the planet was well within Sith Space, the Sith Empire held jurisdiction; this meant that, in essence, the Sith there could do as they pleased with little or no fear of retribution. The party was not without direction, though; as had happened on all the other worlds visited thus far by Revan, he was given a vision of his old memories, which showed that that world's Star Map was located within what appeared to be a tomb. Conversations with various denizens of Dreshdae offered yet more clues, and it soon became clear that in order to get to the final map and find the Star Forge, the party had to infiltrate the Academy. Eventually, after securing a medallion from the corpse of a violent Sith student, Revan was admitted into the Academy by Yuthura Ban, the Twi'lek apprentice of Uthar Wynn, the Academy's headmaster. As it happened, Ban and Wynn knew full well what the Star Map was and its true significance; though the party now had access to the Valley of the Dark Lords, this was only a step in the right direction. Through the two Sith Masters, Revan was able to learn all he needed to "become a Sith in full" and gain access to the Map, which was located within the tomb of the ancient Sith Lord Naga Sadow. After finding the ancient structure and finally uncovering the hyperspace coordinates for the Lehon system and the Rakatan homeworld, Revan confronted the two Sith, ultimately killing Wynn and redeeming Ban. With the Academy's leadership taken out of the picture, the other Sith turned on Revan and his companions, bringing about a violent melee that virtually wiped out the entire faculty and student body.[3]

The Battle of Rakata PrimeEdit

"There it is, the Star Forge. I've never seen anything like it..."
―Carth Onasi[src]
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[19][20]Republic Hammerhead-class cruisers advance on the Star Forge.After clearing out the Sith Academy, the party left Korriban behind, bound for the hitherto unknown homeworld of the Rakata, where the Star Forge was located in orbit above the system's primary star. The crew of the Ebon Hawk barely had time to enjoy the view from just outside the sensor range of the massed Sith forces stationed around the massive orbital complex before being assaulted by a small, half-dozen strong vanguard of Sith fighters. After eliminating the half-squadron of enemy ships, the freighter inadvertently flew through the disruptor field that served as the station's primary defense mechanism. With their hyperdrive damaged and running on only one sublight engine, Onasi was forced to make an emergency landing on one of Lehon's smaller islands—the very same island that held the Temple of the Ancients. After several run-ins with the native Rakata, including violent encounters with members of the tribe of The One and peaceful contact with the Elder Rakata, Revan was able to piece together what had transpired during his—and Malak's—last visit to the hitherto forgotten world. With the help of the Elders, he, accompanied by Jolee Bindo and Juhani, entered the Temple of the Ancients in order to shut down the disruptor field so that the incoming Republic fleet, summoned by Onasi prior to their crash, would not suffer a similar fate. Atop the Temple they were confronted by Shan—who was now the Sith apprentice of Darth Malak.[3]

The fallen Shan attempted to persuade Revan to follow her lead, joining her in embracing the dark side in order to reclaim the title of Dark Lord from Malak; she claimed that the Jedi had brainwashed Revan and used her battle meditation for their own ends and were jealous of the power that they both held. Revan, in turn, entreated her to give up the dark side, citing the fact that he had done the same. Incensed, Shan attacked the trio; however, after being forced back twice, she retreated to her shuttle and fled to the Star Forge. As the trio returned to the repaired Ebon Hawk, they discussed what had transpired; Revan declared his intention to save Shan, and so the party left the planet, joining with the battle already in progress. Under the command of Admiral Forn Dodonna, a force of Hammerhead-class capital ships and Republic blockade runners, supported by A-wing military fighters and assault fighters, engaged the Interdictor-class cruisers and fighters of the Sith armada under the command of Admiral Varko.[3] [21][22]Darth Malak is defeated by Revan in a vision to Duron Qel-Droma.Supported by Jedi under the leadership of surviving Dantooine Council member Vandar Tokare, the Ebon Hawk docked on the station itself; as a number of the Jedi Knights who boarded alongside them secured an escape route, Revan and two of his companions pressed into the interior of the vast complex, engaging Sith troops, assault droids and Dark Jedi at every turn.[34] As the two fleets squared off in the space beyond the Star Forge, Revan eventually penetrated the outer defenses, finding and confronting Shan once again. Still in the thrall of the dark side, Shan dueled with Revan; even though she was re-energized by the Star Forge's dark side energies after each round of combat, she could not overcome him. Professing his own love for her and encouraging her to draw upon their bond within the Force, Revan was able to redeem Shan, convincing her to use her battle meditation to aid the Republic fleet to atone for her betrayal. With this key reversal, the momentum of the engagement shifted; gaps began to open within the Sith battle lines, openings which were exploited by the Republic's starfighters and capital ships.[3]

As Shan used her powers to turn the tide of the engagement, Revan went on to confront Malak atop the highest levels of the station. After striking down two Jedi he had captured, the Dark Lord activated a number of ancient droid-producing machines; sealing the room, he fled further into the factory complex. Eventually working his way through the onslaught of combat droids and deactivating the factory, Revan pressed on, defeating Malak in a lightsaber duel, during which the Dark Lord attempted to siphon off the remaining Force-energy of several Jedi that had been killed when he attacked the Dantooine enclave. Revan, however, was able to use his own power to prevent further instances of this siphoning. After defeating his former apprentice in blade-to-blade combat, he and Shan, along with Onasi and the others, boarded the Ebon Hawk and escaped the station's destruction. With the Star Forge destroyed, the will of the remaining Sith forces in orbit was broken and they were defeated in detail; as a result of this action, the destructive war that had claimed so many lives—on both sides—finally came to an end[3]


"The Jedi Civil War destroyed the Jedi. By the war's end, barely a hundred Jedi remained. Many fell in battle… and many more were seduced by Revan's teachings."

Though the forces under the defeated Malak were routed in the wake of the Star Forge's destruction, the Sith were by no means completely dead; many of the remnants fought amongst themselves for what few scraps of power remained. Also, other empires began to take from the weakened and leaderless Sith. Seeing as they were too preoccupied with fighting themselves to stand united against real foes. With these events the Sith Empire began to be reconquered by the Republic and anybody else wanting territory. The Sith, helpless to reverse these events began fall into a rapid decline. As well, the Jedi Order was but a shadow of its former self; some estimated that barely a hundred had survived the war and still remained true to the Jedi Code. The war had devastated planets throughout the galaxy, from the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim through to the fringes of the Core Worlds, leaving countless billions dead and many more homeless. These refugees wandered the galaxy, many ending up on Nar Shaddaa, becoming prey for criminals, pirates and slavers; veterans of both sides, deprived of an army or cause to fight with or for, found work as freelance pilots, mercenaries, raiders, or petty thugs.[7]

Restoration and rebuildingEdit

"In one standard month the Republic will collapse. Not due to secession or war, but simply because it lacks the infrastructure to support itself."

Not long after the end of the Jedi Civil War, the Galactic Senate elected a new Supreme Chancellor, Cressa, who on a platform of reconstruction and rehabilitation began to issue directives for such works as the Telosian Restoration Project, an effort undertaken by a herd of Ithorians led by the Force Adept Chodo Habat to restore the surface of Telos IV. Over the years that followed the vast Citadel Station, and beneath it the many Restoration Zones necessary for the project, took shape. Under Ithorian care, Telos began to show signs of recovery, however the situation began to change as Czerka Corporation gradually took over the project with an eye toward profit. Eventually, the Republic began to overextend itself with their recovery efforts; the Navy was still woefully understrength, and many strategic yet remote worlds became less and less secure for the simple reason that the men and matériel necessary to guard and protect them did not exist. On worlds like Dantooine, which had weathered the occupation by the Sith badly, and Onderon, which had escaped the wrath of the Sith for reasons unknown, the situation began to deteriorate. Criminal elements like that represented by the Exchange, as well as the Hutts, became more pervasive than ever, and without adequate pan-galactic law enforcement they soon began to build mini-empires of their own; this contributed to a further weakening of the galaxy's infrastructure.[7]

An unknown threat and Revan's departureEdit

After the war's end, Revan, through the Force, began to recover more and more of his lost memories despite what the Jedi had done to wipe them away. Even as the Republic attempted to stamp out the last vestiges of the Sith Empire, sending a task force to Korriban approximately one year after war's end that found only empty ruins strewn with the remains of dead Sith, the former Dark Lord remembered a threat that he had encountered in the Unknown Regions. Leaving behind his love, Shan, along with those who had served alongside him at war's end, and all of his possessions, Revan departed known space in order to face this threat in his own way.[7] The exiled Jedi Master Kreia, who had taught Revan for a time when he was still a Padawan, had gone in search of both him and what had driven him to leave the Republic behind and wage a war against it; eventually she too found Malachor V and, corrupted by its dark energies, began to form the Sith Triumvirate.[1]

The Dark WarsEdit

� The First Jedi PurgeEdit

"We are at war, but it is unlike any war we have fought before—we have yet to even meet our attackers in battle. Somehow our enemy is targeting us through the Force, striking, then retreating to the shadows. The gathering of any Jedi seems to attract them like a beacon."
―Vrook Lamar[src]
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In the years after the close of the Jedi Civil War, the weakened Order became weaker still due to the actions of hidden fragments of the beaten Sith Empire. Though disorganized and lacking strong leadership, the remnants of Revan's Sith assassins began to prey upon stray Jedi, using their unique power to detect and draw upon the Force within another being. When Kreia fell to the dark side and became Darth Traya, the Lord of Betrayal, she found and revitalized this forgotten Sith cult; along with her apprentices Darth Sion, the "Lord of Pain" and Darth Nihilus, the "Lord of Hunger", she began to undermine the Republic from within, precipitating a number of incidents that would later be known as the First Jedi Purge.[4] Some of her actions were unwittingly abetted by Atris, one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Council; such incidents included the devastation of the Miraluka world Katarr, which resulted when Nihilus used his powers to destroy all life on that world, including the Jedi who had gathered there. Atris' plan to draw out the hidden threat by leaking the time and place of the Jedi gathering had backfired, with the result that many of the most powerful of the surviving Jedi Masters were lost to Nihilus' hunger.[1]

Five years after the end of the war, an exiled former Jedi Knight, cast out of the Order in the wake of her involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, returned to known space.[4] Thrust into the midst of the Sith Triumvirate's actions when they learned of her existence through Atris' leaking of her status onto the HoloNet and other coreward databases,[1] this so-called "Jedi Exile" was forced to contend not only with the legacy of the Mandalorian conflict that she had helped to end, but also the Jedi Civil War that she had chosen not to participate in. Despite the fact that so many people seemed to want to kill her, the Exile and those who followed her proved to be the injunction against failure that the Republic so desperately needed in order to survive. Her actions on Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon and Telos served to strengthen the bonds of the Republic, as well as blunting a resurgence of the Sith. Through her the Jedi Order, having been almost made extinct due to the machinations of Darth Traya and the other Sith Lords, was reborn. Eventually, however, she too departed for the Unknown Regions, in pursuit of Revan and the fight he led against the true threat that still lingered in the dark, unexplored regions of the galaxy.[7]

Legacy of the Jedi Civil WarEdit

"The Jedi Civil War brought much suffering to the galaxy, and the forces that Malak and Revan amassed against us seemed limitless. Many worlds were destroyed, trade routes disrupted, and the Republic fleet was almost decimated. While it is said that Revan and several Republic heroes and Jedi defeated Malak, in many ways Malak had already won."

Fought throughout the galaxy on many different fronts that saw pain and death visited upon hundreds of worlds, the Jedi Civil War was, up to that point, the most destructive conflict in the history of the galaxy. The legacy of that conflict would be felt well beyond the Galactic Civil War some four thousand years later, even as many different offshoots and factions of the Sith Order attempted to gain control of the galaxy—or simply to become powerful in their own realm—in their own way. Also, not until the Great Galactic War, around three hundred years later, and the New Sith Wars, some two to three thousand years after the end of the Jedi Civil War, would forces of the dark side again seek galactic conflict on such a scale.[35][6] Eventually, through Palpatine, the Sith would indeed succeed in conquering the Republic from within, remaking it into an Empire, ruled by the Sith, and dedicated to propagating the continued existence and dominion of the dark side.[36][37] Before he defeated the Brotherhood of Darkness, Darth Bane sought out the wisdom of his ancient predecessor, the Sith Lord Revan,[38] and even as late as 137 ABY Darth Krayt would seek the same ancient advice on the dark side of the Force, though from those who flourished before and, in the case of Darth Nihilus, rose to prominence in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War.[39]