Guanqiu Xiu
Guanqiu Xiu
Character information
Force(s): Kingdom of Wei,Wei ConfederatcyJin Dynasty

Bronx OutLawz

Significant Battle(s): Wen Qin & Guanqiu Jian's RebellionThe Big PushCapture of Yangping GateCapture of Osaka CastleDestruction on KizugawaCampaign For Bronx TerritoryCampaign For Jing Province, Tan-7, Black-5
Historical information
Real name: Guanqiu Xiu
Chinese name: 毌丘甸
Style name:
Chinese name: 子邦
Born:  ?


Guanqiu Xiu was a military general of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. He was the younger brother of Guanqiu Jian, and joined his brother in rebelling against the Cao Wei regent Sima Shi. Following the defeat of Wen Qin however during this conflict, Guanqiu Xiu defected to the rival state of Eastern Wu.

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