The Da Nang Boys (named after the Vietnam region and city of Da Nang) is a Vietnamese criminal organisation in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas based in San Fierro, preparing a full move to the United States. They are extremely violent, with major interests in protection, narcotics and human trafficking. While the Da Nang Boys is portrayed as a major Vietnamese gang in the city, two other sects, the Shining Razors and the Butterfly Children, were mentioned in the game and in the official GTA San Andreas website, and are said to be active in Easter Basin. Their turf is mainly in Easter Basin and their main front is their ship anchored out in San Fierro Bay. They also have turf in Esplanade North and Esplanade East. The Da Nang Boys are seen wearing either street attire (in the form of Army t-shirts and pants), or traditional robes.

The Da Nang Boys have stolen a van of cocaine from the Loco Syndicate with Mike Toreno in the back hiding. The Da Nang Boys are also at war with local Triad gangs and were responsible for the massacre of the Blood Feather Triad. With the help of Carl Johnson, the San Fierro Triads responded with an aerial massacre on one of the Da Nang Boy's freight ships, resulting in the deaths of many members and their leader, the Snakehead.