The Cholos are a Mexican gang in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. They are based in the Little Haiti and areas in Little Havana in Vice City. The leader is unknown and they are involved in a turf war with the Cubans/Los Cabrones, Marty's Gang, The Bikers and arms dealer Phil Cassidy.

Their control over Little Havana begins to be threatened in 1984, when the Cubans arrive on the scene, sparking a deadly turf war for complete control of the neighborhood.They were then hired by Martinez to wreac havoc in the streets of Little Havana, but failed thanks to Vic.Next,they attempt to kill Alberto Robina, the father of Umberto Robina (the Cubans' Leader). In revenge, Robina decides to launch an all-out attack on the Cholos that results in the Cholos' defeat.

After the Cubans, with the help of Victor Vance, win the turf war for Little Havana, the Cholos are completely wiped out and their buisnesses will be either up for sale,damaged or seized by the Bikers, and as of 1986, the Haitians are in control of Little Haiti.

The Cholos wear light-blue bandanas, white tank tops, chino trousers, and black shoes.