Cao Rui
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Character information
Force(s): Wei
Weapon Type: Sword
Unit Type: Strategist
Significant Battle(s): Battle of Chang Ban

Battle of He Fei Castle

First appearance: Rage of the Red Lanterns
Historical information
Real name: Cáo Rùi
Chinese name: 曹叡 - 曹睿
Style name: Yuánzhòng
Chinese name: 元仲
Born: 205
Died: 239

Cao Rui is Cao Pi's son and the second emperor of the Wei empire.


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Role in GamesEditEdit

Cao Rui is often not featured in the Dynasty Warriors series since his father is still serving underneath his grandfather, Cao Cao. He leads a rebellious force against the peasants in the Battle of Chang Ban. At the Battle of He Fei Castle, he also leads one of the two waves of Wei reinforcements.

In Warriors Orochi 2, he serves Wei and is among the bodyguards for Cao Cao at Si Province. If Cao Cao is within the player's attack team at Si Shui Gate, Cao Rui will defend the main base and later at Guan Du, he will attempt to hold the central front against an onslaught of Orochi generals.

Voice ActorsEditEdit

  • Daisuke Sakaguchi - Romance of the Three Kingdoms drama CD series


Historical InformationEditEdit

Cao Rui was born to Cao Pi and Zhen Ji in the year 205. However, his adopted son Cao Fang became the third Emperor of Wei after he died in the year 239. He was thirty-four years old

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