Nobuharu Baba
Nobuharu Baba (NAS)
Character Information
Clan(s)/Alliance(s): Baba


Weapon Type: Spear
Unit Type: Fierce (SW1)

Wise (SW2)

Significant Battle(s): Kawanakajima

Mimasetoge Mikatagahara Nagashino

First Appearance: Rise of the Machines
Historical Information
Real name: Baba Nobuharu

Baba Nobufusa

Japanese name: 馬場 信春

馬場 信房

Born: 1514
Died: June 29, 1575

Nobuharu Baba is a member of Shingen's Four Guardian Kings in the Takeda army.

Nobuharu has been featured prominently in Koei's titles as Nobufusa Baba.


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Role in GamesEditEdit

In Samurai Warriors, he mainly appears on the Takeda side of their famed battles Kawanakajima, Mikatagahara, and Nagashino. In the latter unlike his friends Masakage Yamagata and Masatoyo Naito, his death will not be reported to players on the Takeda side. He may live past Nagashino if the player is Shingen himself. One example is that Nobufusa could fight against the Oda Clan at Azuchi Castle. Another is that he would fight against the Oda in the final battle at Yamazaki.

Samurai Warriors 2 has his roles remain the same albeit with changes. When players use Yukimura at Nagashino, Nobufusa can be saved. Even if he does survive the battle, he will inevitably die. Baba may even appear at Shingen and Kenshin's version of Sekigahara for their final battle. At Mikatagahara, Kotaro can kill Nobufusa at his version of the battle.

His first chronological battle appearance in Samurai Warriors 3 is in the Suruga-Sagami Conflict on the Takeda-Imagawa side.

For his appearance in Kessen III, Nobufusa is featured as a minor antagonist fighting for the Takeda. He dies at Nagashino along with Masatoyo and Masakage.

Voice ActorsEditEdit

  • Steven Blum - Kessen III (English)
  • Ryohei Nakao - Kessen III (Japanese)


  • "The only thing that is left for us to do is to fight and die well."

Baba Nobuharu (馬場 信春?, 1514 – June 29, 1575), also known as Baba Nobufusa (馬場 信房?), was a Japanese samurai of the Sengoku period. He was known as one of the "Twenty-Four Generals of Takeda Shingen".[1] Baba fought at the battles of Mikatagaharaand Nagashino, where he led the vanguard of Takeda Katsuyori's right-wing.

When Takeda Shingen took Fukashi castle (now Matsumoto Castle) in 1550, he entrusted it to Baba. At Mikatagahara in 1573, he led the vanguard in chasing Tokugawa Ieyasu's army back to their Hamamatsu fortress; upon seeing the gates open and braziers lit, Baba mistakenly suspected a trap, and did not press the fleeing army further. It was at Nagashino that Baba was killed, three years later, as two samurai attacked him simultaneously with their spears, taking off his head.

The Koyo Gunkan states that Shingen often consulted Nobuharu on important matters. Prior to Nagashino, Nobuharu was reputed to have fought in 21 battles without receiving a single wound.

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