Ma surname in regular script

Pronunciation Mǎ (Pinyin)

Má, Bé (Pe̍h-ōe-jī)

Language(s) Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean
Language(s) Old Chinese
Derivation Name of a district

Muhammad (name)

Meaning horse
Other names
Variant(s) Ma, Mah, Mar (Mandarin, Cantonese)

Beh (Teochew) Ma (Korean) Mã (Vietnamese)

Ma (simplified: ; traditional: pinyin: mǎ) is one of the most common Chinese family names. As of 2006, it ranks as the 14th most common Chinese surname in Mainland China and the most common surname within the Chinese Muslim community, specifically the Hui peopleDongxiang people, and Salars[1] However, this surname should not be identified with the Korean surname 'Ma' which shares the same pronunciation with the Chinese 'Ma' but has its own distinct history.[1]

This surname literally means "horse". The offspring of Zhao She adopted "Ma" (馬), the first word of the district Ma Fu, as their surname. Variant spellings of "Ma" include "Mah", "Beh" and "Mar".

Chinese Muslims commonly adopted Ma as the translation for their surname Muhammad. for e.g. Ma JianMa BenzhaiMa clique.

During the Ming dynasty, the Emperor Zhengde had a Uyghur concubine with the surname Ma.[5][6]

Notable individuals with the surname Ma[edit]Edit

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