Duan Gui was one of the 10 Eunuchs .

Duan Gui
Character information
Force(s): 10 Eunuchs
Significant Battle(s): Struggle on Wu Ling
Historical information
Real name: Duan Gui
Chinese name: 段圭
Born:  ?
Died: 189

Biography EditEdit

Duan Gui was a minister of the later Han Dynasty who joined Zhang Rang's administration, along with eight others. They were collectively known as the "Ten Eunuchs", influential politicians within the Imperial Court. When the Ten Eunuchs rebelled against Emperor Shao, he was killed by Min Gong, one of the loyalists.

Duan Gui (simplified Chinese段圭traditional Chinese段珪Pinyin Duàn Guī) was a eunuch of the late Han Dynasty, who servedEmperor Ling of Han; he was also one of the Ten regular attendants (Also known as the Ten Eunuchs), a group of court eunuchs who held great influence in the Han imperial court. After Emperor Ling died and was succeeded by his son Liu Bian in 189, He JinYuan Shao and Cao Cao invaded the capital for the purpose of defeating the Ten Attendants, leading to He Jin's beheading in the palace courtyard by the Ten Attendants.

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